Health and Medicine Newsletter
Sixth Form STEM

Congratulations to Upper Sixth student Molly S (Lower 6) on the success of her digital fortnightly publication Health & Medicine newsletter.

The publication provides a summary of some of the latest updates and developments in health and medicine, including new technologies, pandemic news and wellbeing tips.

Read the latest edition here.

During the pandemic, Molly decided she wanted to remind and inspire other students, teachers and staff to read about the positive breakthroughs in medical research and science alongside the situation with COVID-19. “There was alot in the news about Covid but we didn’t always get to hear about the positive stories because of the pandemic situation.” She added, “The aim of the publication is to inspire other students to read the news, but also look at science in general as there are some amazing things going on.”

Molly’s inspiration to create the publication was fuelled by her passion for learning about new things from a scientific point of view and she was keen to share that knowledge.

She made a conscious decision to make sure the publication was succinct and easy to read, with an emphasis on using everyday words rather than medical jargon, alongside pictures, photos and diagrams to help inform the reader., “I always try and make the science understandable for everyone rather than too long winded and overly technical!”

Molly’s inspiration for her articles comes from keeping a close eye on the latest news, reading the Times and picking out interesting and relevant articles online from websites such as ScienceDaily.

She is currently working hard as she hopes to study medicine at Oxford University, yet still finds time at the weekends to research articles, proof-read and collate information for the newsletter. And in her spare time she enjoys singing and is and is a prolific member of the music department; she is a member of the Consort Choir, Jazzabelles, Brass group, Concert Band, Royal Academy of Music and the Berkshire Wind Band.

Molly hopes to continue publishing the newsletter during her studies and hopes other students will continue long after she has left QA.

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