One of the strengths of Queen Anne’s School is the important role that the mix of day girls and boarders play in our community. When girls come to school for the day, either from their family home or their Boarding House families, they all experience the same Queen Anne’s school life.

Pupils are monitored and supported through a robust pastoral and academic system during the school day. Any concerns are directed to the Tutor and Head of Year with further support in place when required.

TutorsHeads of YearDirectors of School(Lower, Middle, Sixth Form)Senior Deputy Head Academic/Deputy Head PastoralHead

Students register with their tutor every morning to provide continuity of care throughout the week. They are also supported by their Head of Year and tutor team in Year Group Bases which include a sit (living room), a prep room and access to kitchen facilities.

Picture: 4s (Year 8) Year Group Base in Wisdome

The School Day - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Lessons 08:35-10:35
Lunch and Activities12:15-13:45
Day girls sign out18:15

The School Day - Wednesday and Friday

Lunch and Activities12:15-13:30
Day girls sign out16:15

Find out more about the timetable for Boarding pupils here

As a boarding school there are many activities and opportunities throughout the weekend and the evenings and day girls are welcome to take part, whether it’s a shopping trip to Westfield or silent disco in one of the Boarding Houses.


When a pupil joins the Queen Anne’s community they are assigned to a Charter - Austen, Curie, Franklin, Pankhurst and Watson. Each Charter is made up of girls throughout different year groups and provide an opportunity for support and socialising across different age groups, including well-being ambassadors, leadership roles and peer mentorship. Charters meet every Friday and regularly take part in Inter-Charter events and competition, such as Sports Day, public speaking and even pancake races! 

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