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It is key they we keep our minds open to new information, and there is no better way to do this then to learn from others. QAS staff will be speaking on subjects ranging from ‘The Functions of Sleep’ and ‘The New Challenges of Being a Woman in the 21st Century’, to ‘Fermat’s Last Theorem’ and ‘The King of Instruments’. Visiting speakers sharing their experiences and expertise on subjects such as intersectionality, international relations and the Middle East, working in casting, and the importance of illuminating untold stories from Africa and the African diaspora. This is the series of speakers that we have coming in over the next year, covering from wellbeing to feminism there is a lot happening! 

Our Lower 6 have the exciting job of reporting on all of our fantastic lectures this year! Meet this years reporters Lucinda, Nellie, Marie and Alice. 

Victoria Kay-Barrero- Friday 15 September

Matriarchy and Matrescence: Power From Within

Teacher of History and Lecture Series Coordinator, Mrs Kay-Barrero, will be introducing this year’s schedule of talks in the first of the series. This introduction will then be followed by a reflection on the way in which women have demonstrated and been represented throughout history as possessing a ‘power from within’. A fascinating look at the concept of matriarchy and it’s links to the recent discussion of matrescence.

Read the report by Alice Lower 6 here

Rosie Dart - Friday 22 September

From Script to Screen: A Career in Entertainment

Queen Anne’s Alumnus and Casting Assistant Rosie is returning for the third year to our lecture series to inspire us all with her journey into entertainment, and specifically casting. Rosie has a wealth of experience and practical advice, along with compelling insights into the fascinating world of movie making!

Read the report by Hannah Lower 6 here

Yassine Senghor- Friday 6 October

Confronting Conversations: Building confidence to have challenging conversations relating to identity and inclusion

Yassine first spoke as part of our lecture series in 2021 and is returning to share her experience and practical advice on inclusion, identity, allyship and the importance of engaging in challenging conversations. This lecture will be followed by an EDI workshop with Yassine.

 Read the report by Lucinda Lower 6 here.

Lawrence Hoo - Friday 13 October

The Power to Change

We are very excited to be welcoming British poet and activist Lawrence Hoo, and founder of CARGO Classroom (cargomovement.org). Lawrence will be speaking about present day race relations within their historical context, and how these relations have informed and inspired CARGO Movement’s mission to illuminate the contributions and achievements of people of African and African diaspora heritage, in order to provide a more balanced understanding of the world we live in today. This talk will be interspersed with poetry performances, and a poetry workshop for English A level students will follow.  

Read the report by Nellie Lower 6 here

Derek Bottomley- Friday 3 November

Fermat’s Last Theorem: Simplicity and Complexity

Head of Mathematics, Mr Bottomley, gives us an introduction to one of history's greatest mathematical challenges. A problem so simple it can be understood by a child, but so complex that it defeated the greatest minds of the past few hundred years…until it was solved by someone about 25 miles from us here at Queen Anne's!

Read the report by Marie Lower 6 here

Lt Col Sam Hughes- Friday 10 November

International Relations and the Middle East

Lieutenant Colonel Sam Hughes, Royal Marine and previous lecture series speaker, is returning to Queen Anne’s to share his wealth of experience and knowledge on international relations in the Middle East having recently spent three months at Oxford University as a visiting academic conducting research on the balance of power in the region. His previous talk in November 2021 on the war in Afghanistan and his experience as a young Royal Marine at the time proved to be one of the highlights of the 2021-22 series, so we are very much looking forward to welcoming him back.

Read the report by Nellie Lower 6 here

Rhodri Punter- Friday 17 November

Words, Words, Words

‘Words, words, words’ quoted from Hamlet, will be an exploration of the living nature of words and language and circumstance, from the charismatic and captivating Mr Punter.

Read the report by Lucinda Lower 6 here

Mark Richards, Rachel Robertson & Ben Stephenson- Friday 1 December

Shostakovich – Polystylist:  DSCH, Quotation and Integration – Rossini and Wagner, Stalin, Leningrad, Fire Service, Football, Film, Denunciation and Obsession

A truly interdisciplinary, multi-faceted introduction to one of the most significant musical figures of the 20th Century, and the return of special guest speaker Miss Robertson!

Read the report by Marie Lower 6 here

Amy Fancourt- Friday 8 December

The Function of Sleep

Head of Psychology, Dr Fancourt, will be sharing with us her expert knowledge on the functions of sleep. A perfect way to motivate us all into healthy habits!

Read the report by Alice Lower 6 Here

Mark Richards and Rhodri Punter- Friday 12 January

Woyzeck vs Wozzeck

Read the report by Hannah Lower 6 here

LCpl Ellie Morgan (Royal Engineers) - Friday 19 January

Shrinking the gender gap in engineering.

Read the report by Nellie Lower 6 here

Generation 2 Generation- Friday 26 January

Letters of Love and Loss By Francis Morton

Read the report by Alice Lower 6 here

Isla van Tricht - Friday 2 February

Consent +

Read the report by Marie Lower 6 here

Annabel Marlow- Friday 9 February

How to make money from your passions and how not to panic when it feels impossible

Read the report by Marie Lower 6 here

Oliver Roberts - Friday 23 February

The King of Instruments: An Introductory Lecture-Recital on the Organ

Read the report by Marie Lower 6 here

Kirsten Smith- Friday 8 March

Feminism and the New Challenges of Being a Woman in the 21st Century

Read the report by Nellie Lower 6 here

Kate Courtney-Taylor- Friday 15 March

In Search of the Self (Feminist Art)

Read the report by Lucinda Lower 6 here

Brad Hooker - Friday 22 March

Ethics in Business: How responsible should employers be when employees are sick or facing mental health struggles

Claire Houghton - Friday 19 April

Women in STEM

Kate Baker - Friday 10 May

Geoscience and contaminated land investigations

TBC- Friday 17 May


Anne Tynan- Friday 24 May

Endemic Species of the Seychelles Islands

Zoe Biles - Friday 7 June


Victoria Nesbitt - Friday 14 June

Medicine and You

Reading Refugee Support Group - Friday 21 June

Refugee Stories

Georgie Palmer - Friday 28 June

The life and career of a broadcast journalist