We are delighted to announce that Criminology will be added to the Queen Anne's Sixth Form curriculum for September 2022. 

Level 3 Applied A Level Criminology

Criminology has become popular in recent years and covers all aspects of crime. The subject is well suited to those who wish to study Criminology, Law, Politics, Psychology or Sociology at university. It is also very relevant for students interested in exploring careers within the police force, prisons and social services.

The EDUQAS Level 3 Certificate in Applied Criminology equips students with knowledge and understanding of criminology, which is relevant to many job roles within the criminal justice sector, social and probation work, as well as sociology and psychology. Students will learn about theories of why people commit crimes, how the justice system works and theories on how to prevent crime in the future.

Throughout this fascinating course students will learn analytical skills where they will have to apply their knowledge of theories to a range of new situations whilst also developing their research skills.  

Syllabus and Examinations

  • Unit 1 - Changing awareness of crime - Internal assessment in Lower 6
  • Unit 2 - Criminological theories - External assessment in Lower 6
  • Unit 3 - Crime scene to courtroom - Internal assessment in Lower 6
  • Unit 4 - Crime and punishment - External assessment in Upper 6


  • 50% Examinations
  • 50% Controlled Assessments

If this subject is of interest to you we encourage you to contact the subject lead Mr Ben Stephenson by email [email protected] to find out more.