Curriculum Innovation 

As a Microsoft Showcase School, we share a strategic vision of how digital technology is used to support, and enhance, the learning experiences of our students.

Our approach to a blended learning environment means that we uphold traditional literacy skills, enhanced by the application of technology, where it adds value. As a Showcase School, we are ensuring that all our students are learning future-ready skills for further education and the workplace. We have a steady programme of preparation to educate the students on how to use technology effectively, and responsibly. 

A unique feature of Queen Anne's approach is that we are able to facilitate all of our students sitting public examinations on the computer, as their normal way of working. This provides a considerable advantage when typing, organising, and reviewing work. For eligible students, enhanced features, such as reader technology, are available for all of their assessments and independent work. 

All staff are committed to professional development which focuses on personalising learning, leveraging technology such as Office 365 for Education. Through coaching and mentorship, new staff are quickly embraced within our digital community.

We support a community of local schools by offering outreach work supporting in developing their strategic vision for implementation of technology.

"We have had two daughters attend QAS, our eldest has just started University. We have noticed a huge benefit in them attending a digital school in terms of their confidence using IT. This is more than creating a graph in Excel, it is how to best utilise the digital tools at their disposal.  These skills can help in further education and ultimately the work place."

- QAS Parent, 2023

"I would expect Microsoft to have a high threshold to achieve the standard of a Showcase School, therefore, QAS must be putting time, effort and resources to achieving this status.  This effort the reflects in the digital learning experience we have seen for our daughters."

- QAS Parent, 2023

"Being able to type all my exams makes such a difference. I am able to work in the way I do all the time, and I type so much faster than I am able to write."

- QAS Student, 2023

"Taking my exams digitally means I can organise, and reorganise, my answers without having to cross through the page, which is a huge advantage. Being able to re-structure an answer means I can start writing immediately and then order my thoughts after."

- QAS Student, 2023