At Queen Anne's, we offer a range of scholarships which supports our ethos of encouraging the very best academic achievement, as well recognising merit and contribution across the extra-curricular programme. Scholarships are awarded by the Head.

All scholarship holders must meet the appropriate academic entry criteria. Awards are reviewed annually and are subject to satisfactory academic progress and conduct. Scholarships are awarded on entry at 11+ and are also available to both internal and external candidates at 13+ and 16+ entry points. Scholarships may be awarded in the following areas:

  • Academic     
  • Sport
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Art

Academic scholarships entitle the holder to a nominal fee remission of £500 per annum, music scholarships provide free tuition on one instrument, and all other scholarships carry a financial value of £300 per annum.

Scholarships are not means-tested and are not designed to be a fee reduction mechanism. If financial assistance is required, the School operates a means-tested bursary process which can be worth up to 100% of fees.

Application Dates for September 2024 Entry

Year GroupDeadline
11+ (Year 7)Tuesday 19 September 2023
16+ (Year 12)Friday 13 October 2023
13+ (Year 9)Thursday 16 November 2023

Scholarship Booklet