Senior Boarding Houses

Welcome to Senior Boarding at Queen Anne’s! There are three Senior Boarding Houses – Holmes, Wilkins and Maddock. Boarders are appointed a house in Lower 5 (Year 10) and stay in this house through their GCSE and A-Level years until the end of Upper 6 (Year 13).

The Houses

The senior boarding houses are in the hub of activity in the centre of the school campus. Each House has a comfortable ‘sit’ (a big living-room) where the girls meet for house meetings, socialising, watching movies, playing on the Wii console or simply relaxing with their ‘house family’.

There is a Prep Room with printer and computers available as well as desk in the bedrooms. There is a well-equipped kitchen in each House for girls to hang out with friends, cook meals together or catch up over a hot chocolate!





Rooms vary by House and are a mix of single, double, triple and quad rooms. Girls are encouraged to bring items from home to decorate their rooms.

House Parents

Each Boarding House is run by experienced House Parents and they are supported by Deputy House Parents, Matrons and Graduate Assistants.

Miss Rutherford is the Housemistress for Wilkins House and she also teaches PE and is a rower. She lives with her lovely dog Molly and loves going on long walks around the school field and Caversham. Miss Rutherford is the smiling face of Wilkins and is always available for a catch up over a hot chocolate and a piece of cake!

Mrs Birkbeck is the Housemistress of Maddock and is also a PE teacher. She lives in the House with her husband Elliot and two children. Mrs Birkbeck will be here to support you through any challenges you may face and to celebrate your achievements. No matter what the occasion, she is always here to have a chat .In her spare time she likes to get outdoors, go to the beach and eat sushi!

Mrs Ormerod is the Housemistress of Holmes and also teaches Maths. She lives in Holmes with her husband Sam and her son. Mrs Ormerod is experienced in promoting student wellbeing and is always there to chat to girls about any issues they may face.


Lower 5 & Upper 5 Weekday Routine

Lower 6 & Upper 6 Weekday Routine

Weekend Routine


A varied and nutritious food menu is freshly cooked by top school caterers, Thomas Franks. Senior boarders have breakfast in the house dining room from Monday to Saturday, with lunch and supper being held in the main restaurant. Sunday brunch is enjoyed by all boarders mid-morning, also in the restaurant.

Example menu

Senior boarders have more freedom on certain days, allowing them to become more independent; on Fridays and Saturdays Lower 5 and Upper 5 girls can either cook for themselves or order in a takeaway. Sixth Form students can cook more regularly but do always attend dinner in the main restaurant on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

The School Day

When girls come to school for the day, either from their family home or their Boarding House families, they all experience the same Queen Anne’s school life. 

Find out more about the school day

Insights into Senior Boarding Life

Weekends in Senior Boarding



Senior Boarding House Pets


Molly lives in Wilkins with House Parent, Miss Rutherford. She is a 4 year old Cockapoo who loves being taken for walks by the girls, chasing tennis balls and splashing in puddles. Molly can be found around the Wilkins office and will always greet you with a wagging tail.