As a Church of England school, chapel sits at the heart of our ‘Strong Spirits’ ethos here at Queen Anne’s.  Chapel provides a space of sanctuary for the whole school community, welcoming pupils and staff of all faiths and none. 

Weekly chapel services allow pupils time to pause, be mindful, and reflect upon a variety of important social, spiritual and moral themes.  Through chapel, pupils are exposed to charity work, with students generous donations at the Harvest Festival service providing valuable support to a local foodbank.  Alongside services throughout the year at the school, we also celebrate in services at Dorchester Abbey and Westminster Abbey, allowing pupils to experience worship in different settings. 

There is regular collaboration with staff in the Religion and Philosophy department, with pupils contributing work for display in the chapel.  Chapel also plays a vital role in the pastoral life of the school; pupils and staff are able to submit prayer requests, and our chaplin's door is always open; Rev. Ross-Smith is approachable and a good listener. 

Chapel at Queen Anne’s is an inclusive space that nourishes the soul of our school community.


Reverend Rachel Ross-Smith

Morning chapel is an opportunity for students of all faiths and none to reflect on personal and moral issues and connect with God at the start of the day. As a Christian Chaplain I will principally draw on the stories of Jesus and the Christian faith to aid this reflection, though I will take opportunities to notice similar stories and traditions within other faiths and non religious approaches to spirituality.

- Rev. Ross-Smith

Chapel Archive

Chapel Foundation Stone - 1898