Wellbeing Week
Wellbeing Whole School


Students at Queen Anne's took part in numerous activities and workshops last week in support of Wellbeing Week. From guest speakers to healthy BBQs, the students had a great time learning about the importance of wellbeing and self care.

Mali Baker L4  Talk

We had a fantastic start to Wellbeing week with a talk by local author Mali Baker. Mali read a chapter from her book: River Baker and the Warriors of RALA. In it the central character River has to make some difficult decisions; drawing on all that she has learnt on her dangerous adventure. River shows courage and resilience and develops greater self-knowledge as the story develops.

Mali really drew us into River's story with her enchanting reading and inspired lots of questions from the L4 about the book and it's characters, as well as about how Mali came to write the book and what inspired her.

Wellness Walk with L5

The L5 Wellbeing students went on a wellness walk as encouraged by Sport in Mind, a charity Queen Anne’s works closely with to promote the importance and benefits of keeping active to support your mental health.

Bernadette Russell Talk

Bernadette Russell, author of How to be Hopeful, gave an inspiring talk about the power of kindness and had students demonstrate kindness through some simple and fun tasks. Here is the short clip she showed them about her Year of Kindness.


Staff Gratitude Tea Party
Led by our Wellbeing Prefect, Beth, Our L6 organised a Gratitude Tea Party in the sunshine to say thank you to QAS staff for all their help and encouragement throughout this academic year. 

Shifu Miao Xiao Sun

Shifu Miao Xiao Sun and one of his students visited QAS to talk to students about the concept of Qi in Daoist medicine and demonstrated some Qi Gung breathing for good health.

Boarders' Healthy Eating BBQ

To promote healthy eating and the importance of keeping our bodies well fuelled, our fantastic catering team Thomas Franks put on a wellbeing BBQ for our boarders'. Whilst the weather did not allow for it to be enjoyed outside, students and staff tucked into to delicious grilled chicken, chickpea burgers, smoothies and a wonderful salad bar. 

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