Lunar New Year 2024
Whole School Mandarin

Lunar New Year 2024

Queen Anne's School started the Lunar New Year celebrations with a whole school assembly on Monday 5 February. The school hall was filled with vibrant music, dance, and drama performances from students across all year groups.

The assembly opened with a captivating dragon dance conducted by staff who mesmerised the audience, before throwing fortune cookies into the crowd!

Students then danced, sang, and played instruments to showcase traditional Chinese music.

Well done to everyone who displayed excellent talent and impressive Mandarin skills in the performances, it was a phenomenal occasion!

Boarders Celebrate Lunar New Year

Our boarders also got involved in the Lunar New Year celebrations as Graduate Assistant Miss Lee organised an evening for students in all years to create Lunar New Year decorations.

There were so many different activities to choose from, such as origami making and Chinese calligraphy as well as Chinese games to play.

Miss Lee also ensured there was an array of delicious Chinese snacks to enjoy!

The hall looked fantastic with all the red and gold hanging from the walls, a wonderful way to celebrate the New Year.

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