Happy Lunar New Year!
Whole School

新年快乐 !

QAS celebrated the special occasion of Lunar New Year in a whole school assembly with vibrant performances from students across all year groups.

The programme of spectacular performances was as follows:


L6 Helen: Flute 开场音乐《扬鞭催马运粮忙》

Headmistress talks

4S Mongolian chopsticks dance. ‘Happy Happy’.

MFL teachers do Tai Chi.

L6 solo Singing: Helen Han ‘Spring blossoms’《春暖花开》.

U6 Chinese dance: Luisa  and Gabrielle ‘like a flower like a dream’ 如花似梦》  

Chinese girls group singing and dancing: ‘Youth Practice Manual’《青春修炼手册》:

Jessica L5 (Choreographer)

Bethany L5 (Choreographer)

Ivy U5

Bridget U5 (Choreographer)

Janice U5 (Choreographer)

Candice U5 

Chloe U5 

Jolie U5

Angela L6 (Singer)

Michelle L6

Ruoxi L6

Hilarie U6 (Singer)

Blair U6

Yvonne  U6

U4 Anna  plays Violin: ‘The Shepherd of Keketuohai’<可可托海的牧羊人> 

4S solo singing: Florence Good sings ‘Let it go’ in Mandarin.

Chinese square dance: Little Apple dance

The Headmistress’ closing speech

L6 Helen : flute

Giving fortune cookies



The group of Chinese Singing and Dancing group and flute player Helen have been invited to participate in the Reading Chinese New Year Gala at Reading Town Hall on Sunday 29 January 2023. They will represent QAS to perform their routine in that show. On that day, the Reading mayor and MP will attend and watch the show!

Well done to all students who displayed excellent talent and impressive Mandarin skills in the performances, with plenty of hard work going into the rehearsals.


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