CNN Broadcasts Live from Queen Anne's School for MyFreedomDay
Whole School Event

CNN Broadcasts live from Queen Anne’s School for MyFreedomDay

On 16 March 2023, students from Queen Anne’s school held an event to raise awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking as part of CNN International’s Freedom Project.

The day aims to support the liberation and rehabilitation of modern day slaves and reach as many students and educators as possible branded with the hashtag #MyFreedomDay. With the number of people trapped in human trafficking now estimated at 50 million, it is more important than ever we continue to find creative ways to keep this issue top of mind for the public to not only raise awareness but to take action.

Our students explored the concept of modern slavery since a whole-school assembly on the topic delivered last month. Since then, our students have been finding many ways to express their views on both slavery and individual freedoms. They performed their contributions through the course of the event in our Performing Arts Centre. These included original poems, songs, speeches, readings, dances, instrumental performances, and the playing of student-made videos with the theme of modern slavery. There was also an interactive work art installation that grew in contributions as the event progressed.










CNN International sent a reporter and their cameras to not only capture the performances of our students, but to gather their views via interviews. They executed two live broadcasts from Queen Anne’s School which were showcased on their news channels and social media.

This was an excellent and important event for raiding awareness on a global issue and educated people on spotting signs of modern slavery.

Here is what you can do to take action against modern slavery.

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