Sophie, Upper 6
Kind Hearts

My name is Sophie, and I am in Upper 6, my final year at Queen Anne’s. I joined in 2017, entering Lower 4 as a Flexi ¾ Boarder. 

I am currently studying my A Levels and my subjects are, Geography, Media Studies, and Criminology. My Favourite subject is Criminology, there are so many questions that run through my mind while in lessons and doing further research. There are so many factors to think about; why do individuals commit crimes, how we respond as a society, and the consequences of our actions have always been at the forefront of my curiosity. I picked up Criminology as it was a new subject introduced for the Sixth form. I am planning on studying Criminology/ Social sciences are university in which the school have help me enormously during my UCAS process. 

I choose Queen Anne's for many reasons; one factor that played a part was the fact that my mum, granny and auntie all previously went to the school and absolutely loved it. I loved the idea that Queen Anne's offered Lacrosse, a sport I had never tried before coming here. Queen Annes was very welcoming when I joined, and the close-knit community allowed me to feel at home very quickly. Queen Anne's also provided great help for those with learning difficulties such as dyslexia. 

Being in an all-girls school provides me with the environment to thrive and to learn more about each other on a deeper level. I have found that we all support each other no matter what we are doing in life. 

I would say my biggest achievement since joining Queen Anne's would be being appointed as a Senior Prefect. As I have always looked up to the Senior Prefects throughout my time at Queen Anne's and would have never thought it would be me. From being a Senior Prefect so far, it has taught me the importance of working as a team and that it is key to listen to others, while helping individuals in any way you can. 

One of my favourite memories at Queen Anne's is the A Level Geography Trip to Studland Bay, in which we stayed down in Studland for two nights. It was lovely to get to know our teachers even more and help us develop knowledge for our NEA. This trip holds many memories of laughter, learning and working together while practising collecting our data. 

When I joined the school, I threw myself at everything on offer whether it was the L4 play, dance lessons or competing in sport such as netball, swimming and lacrosse. By doing this throughout my time at Queen Anne's I have found that one of the things I enjoy doing most is playing lacrosse. I have loved playing Lacrosse as it's so nice to work as a team and you all get to work towards a common goal. In senior lacrosse I have had the opportunity to get to know other year groups more.  

Within the Boarding community, I am currently deputy head of house. When I first joined Queen Anne's I found the idea of boarding quite daunting, when looking back now it was one of the best decisions I have made. I believe I have made friendships for life and my independence has grown massively, which has prepared me for university. The boarding staff are incredible and are always up for chat, which makes you feel at home. 

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