Candice, Lower 6
Kind Hearts

Hi, I’m Candice and I am a Lower 6 student. I Joined Queen Anne’s in 4s as an international student, my greatest achievement since being at Queen Anne's is growing my independence through boarding.

I can imagine it is a challenge for all international students to study abroad, away from home; which I can understand as I am from Hong Kong and I have been in boarding life for 4 years, seeing my parents during holidays. However, these experiences have helped me to when dealing with any situations, to learn and growth from it; being more sociable; how to share and live in a community while being respectful. More than that, we learn to respect, appreciate and express the diversity of all cultures.

we learn to respect, appreciate and express the diversity of all cultures.

I’m currently taking Art, Psychology, Sociology and EPQ for my A Levels. My favourite subject has always been Art. I am also an Art scholar at Queen Anne’s. I took Art as one of my GCSEs subject choices and now moving on into A Level Art. I really enjoy the facilities in the Art department, as Sixth Form Art students have their own space in a studio inside the department. The Art department offers a variety of amazing supplies in order to support us into a high standard of art, allow us to be adventurous and experimental. Furthermore, to extend our creativity, Queen Anne's offer so many different art trips such as to New York, museums in London etc.

I think girls’ schools tend to outperform their co-educational counterparts in academic subjects. Beyond that, girls-only education allows us to build up confidence and self-belief in a more focused condition. There is also more opportunity for teachers to focus more effectively on each girl in school.

My favourite memories at Queen Anne’s are all boarding activities. Boarding activities keep boarders active, socialised, and experiencing more. There are a wide range of activities such as sports, art and crafts, trips to escape rooms, football matches, movies, trips to Oxford and London to shop!

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