Annabel, Upper 5
Kind Hearts

Hello! I’m Annabel and I am a current Upper 5 student at Queen Anne’s. I joined the school in 2019 as a Lower 4 and have really grown throughout my time here. I chose QAS as I wanted to try boarding and I liked the flexibility available at Queen Anne’s. I’m a flexi-boarder so I stay 3-4 nights per week. This means that I have more time for sport and homework in the evenings. Boarding makes you feel more at home when you are at school and your room gives you the space to work and relax. As a keen sports person, Queen Anne’s provides a high standard and respect for women’s sport, which was incredibly appealing to me, I have the chance to play lacrosse, netball, and tennis. One of the best parts about girls-only education is I feel I concentrate more in lessons and am free to share my opinion.

Queen Anne’s provides a high standard and respect for women’s sport, which was incredibly appealing to me. 

As an Upper 5 student I am currently studying for my GSCEs and the subjects I am taking are: English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Sport, Art, and Geography. I also play in the 1sts lacrosse team and have been in the lacrosse teams since Lower 4, having never heard of lacrosse before QAS I was intrigued from my first PE lesson. Being at Queen Anne’s has given me the opportunity to trial for regionals lacrosse, so I now have access to the England pathway!  

I have a huge passion for netball and had the chance to trial for the ‘Surrey Storm Aspire Programme’ so I can now access netball beyond school. I play in U16A netball team and have represented QAS in matches since L4. The best part of netball last year was reaching the finals in the ‘Sisters N Sport’ cup for netball.  

Since I started at Queen Anne’s I have taken tennis lessons, they always make my week more enjoyable as the coaches are fun and I take part with my friends. Due to my commitment to tennis, I have had the opportunity to play in a variety of tennis teams during summer. 

My biggest achievements whist being at QAS include receiving a sports scholarship in U4 and winning the Southwest Rally in the U14 category. I have also completed the bronze and silver Duke of Edinburgh Award and am currently planning to do gold. I found sleeping in a tent the hardest part but overall, it was enjoyable, and I made so many memories with my friends which we still talk about to this day. 

One of my highlights of my time at Queen Anne’s was going on the USA Lacrosse tour in 2022. I still reminisce on the memories and always look back on the photos. We played some incredible teams, and I am still in touch with some of the players! I think my lacrosse skills improved significantly and we grew as a team going into the U15 season confidently. Seeing America with my friends was so much fun and the teachers were so supportive and made the trip amazing.  

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