Life as a Boarder
Kind Hearts

You might have mixed feelings about heading off to a boarding school. For some it might be your first time away from home, but the experience can be really exciting! From decorating your new room to making lots of new friends, starting as a boarder at QAS is fun from the very start.

Upper 4 student Jamie is a full boarder at QAS, she has shared what life is like for her and the boarders. "Your day starts with breakfast together with your House. There is always a great choice of food - from cooked breakfast to cereal or fruit - it is hard to not find something you'll enjoy. After breakfast we all go back to our rooms and get ready for the day. After a day full of lessons we have a prep session; you have the choice to either go to clubs, play sports or finish your prep. After the evening activities we go down for supper. At supper there is again lots of options - there are always meat and vegetarian options and dietary requirements are catered for. We then have free time for the rest of the evening or we will have house activities". 

"Weekends are really exciting! We don't have to wake up early and we are free to choose what we wish to do. Whether you want to spend the day in the sunshine or stay in your room relaxing with your favourite movie and drink you can. There are lots of activities available to us over the weekends, in the morning there are activities such as swimming or fitness, we also can go on trips! These trips are somewhere different each weekend so we can experience lots of new things. On Sunday's we have brunch, some of us will then go in to Reading town centre to do shopping".

"Sometimes you can feel homesick but these feelings come and go; there is always someone around to support you, whether a friend of a member of house staff, you are never alone". 

"In a nutshell, boarding life is really fulfilling, you get to experience things that you might only have one chance to do. I am sure you will fall in love with life as a boarder". Jamie, Upper 4


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