Inter-Charter Maths Competition
Mathematics STEM

On Thursday 3 December, our students took part in the Inter-Charter Maths Competition!


Since our usual School Houses have had to change format this year, in order for our students to bubble safely, the all-new Charters were created.

The Charters allow our girls to compete in the many competitions that take place throughout Queen Anne’s School whilst still bubbling.


All of the girls were involved in the decision-making process about the new names for their Charters and we were very impressed that they voted and chose the names after significant historical female figures. The new School Charters are as follows:

Watson (Maude Watson - first woman to win Wimbledon)

Pankhurst (Emmeline Pankhurst - women's rights activist)

Austen (Jane Austen - author)

Curie (Marie Curie - scientist)

Franklin (Aretha Franklin - artist/singer)

In the Inter-Charter Maths Competition the girls competed in a number of rounds, including speed calculations, general knowledge mathematics, codes, puzzles and more! The five Charters nominated representative mathematicians from each bubble to compete, putting their skills to the test in the exciting, fast-paced competition.

The results of the Inter-Charter Competitions will be announced at the end of each term, with points going towards the Rose Bowl Trophy.

Update - The results of the Inter-Charter Maths Competition are as follows:

1st - Franklin

2nd - Austen

3rd- Curie

4th - Pankhurst 

5th - Watson 



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