Senior Sports Day
Sports Day

There was a great atmosphere at the Senior Sports Day, with everyone getting involved, providing raucous support for all competitors and of course taking the fancy dress theme very seriously.

The serious events were up first, with heats of the 100m, long jump, high jump, javelin and discus. Some hidden talents were uncovered, particularly in javelin and in high jump some dormant skills rediscovered!

The prize for the fastest 100m runner went to Amelia S with a time of 13.5s and in a display of versatility she also won the high jump. Poppy W won the long jump, recording a distance of 4m77 and Ruby E won the javelin.  Zara O had one goal in mind, which was to break the senior discus record she set in 2019. It was a case of mission accomplished by the end of her event, as she set a new record of 44m23cm. 

The relays were hotly contested, with the final leg runners being urged over the line by the rest of their Charters. The tug of war become a feat of strength and stamina with Franklin declared the winners. It transpires that there is an effective technique for running the three legged race, which some mastered more successfully than others! The egg and spoon was followed by the final event of the day, the ever popular sponge race.


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