Lower 5 Visit Marwell Zoo
Biology STEM

Lower 5 visited Marwell Zoo near Winchester to study biodiversity and adaptations as part of the their Biology GCSE. After a couple of years of not being able to run the trip, it was great for the students to be seeing real-life examples.

After a wet journey, the weather cheered up and pupils set out on their biodiversity trail. First stop was penguin cove where the adaptations of these highly-specific birds was discussed. Camouflaging colours, specialist mouth spines instead of teeth and different types of feathers at different depths of their coats all make penguins adapted to survive in their cold and watery environment. Comparing this to the flamingos at the next stop showed how much variety there is within the bird class.

Other animals investigated were giraffes, tigers, a variety of antelopes and lemurs, as well as a walk through the tropical house with an amazing 650 different plant species, proving that the rainforest truly is one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet.

Despite the occasional rain (and hail!) dodging and the extensive walking, it was a wonderful trip and enjoyed by all. The Biology department look forward to making it a permanent feature of the Lower 5 Biology calendar again.


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