The PJF Bates Wells Challenge
Enterprise Achievement

The PJF Bates Wells Challenge

Early last term three L6 students, Angelina, Kate, and Jane, who are members of the Economics/Business Society entered The PJF Enterprise Taster Challenges. Launched in July 2023 the event is a series of five challenges from B-Corp companies (a company certified for its social impact) to get students from all schools involved with thinking about business operations from a more ethical/socially responsible perspective.

The Bates Wells Challenge tasked participants to come up with a creative new recruitment process and poster for the Bates Wells Law Firm in London. The new process needed to consider how the law firm could attract a more diverse range of candidates by creating fairness for candidates from ethnic minority backgrounds. Our three students worked very hard and produced impressive pieces of work which they were able to submit within only a week. The competition ran at the end of Sept/October 2023, and we are proud to say in November it was announced Angelina, Kate and Jane won!

Their entry greatly impressed the judges and won them certificates and a £20 gift voucher from Social Supermarket!

Congratulations Angelina, Kate, and Jane on your hard work and determination with this challenge. #QASFierceMinds

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