Weekends in Junior Boarding

“Weekends in junior boarding are exciting, interesting, and never the same! The girls are encouraged to throw themselves into all of the activities and trips on offer, but there is also lots of time to unwind and relax with friends- and Michell House provides the perfect home-away-from-home for junior boarders.”

It’s Saturday morning in Michell House, and for lots of the girls the weekend begins with lacrosse and netball fixtures, where the girls proudly show their fierce QAS spirit! For those not competing in fixtures, Saturday allows for a more relaxed wake up, with an amble down the path to the Restaurant for breakfast. There are lots of exciting sports activities on offer on Saturday mornings, including swimming, badminton, and fitness. The Michell girls are all treated to baguettes, paninis and wraps from Café 6 at Saturday lunchtime, a privilege reserved for Sixth Form on weekdays!

With the arrival of the girls back from fixtures in the afternoon, glowing and eager to recount details of their matches, Saturday afternoons play host to a range of activities that differ every week. Recently the girls have been learning the key skills of self-defence, whilst previous activities have included cookery and crafts, such as mastering the art of decoupage.

“Weekends in junior boarding allow for girls and house staff to take part in activities and trips together in a way not so possible during the school week. The girls give back lots of enthusiasm and that’s what makes it so fun” – Miss Lee, Deputy Housemistress in Michell.

In the evening, house staff order a takeaway, and afterwards the girls unwind in front of the TV in the Big Sit, popping in and out of the house office to laugh and chat with staff. One Saturday evening the girls even brushed up on their culinary skills and worked as a team to cook fajitas from scratch as an alternative to a takeaway, which went down a storm!

“The best thing about the weekend is the Saturday takeaways, fun trips and activities, and having the time to relax, chat to staff and ask for help with prep- I also love the afternoon tea!” - Katrina, 4s

The girls enjoy a relaxing lie-in on Sunday mornings, followed by brunch in the Restaurant to fuel up for the day ahead. Sundays are never the same in junior boarding, and varied trips outside of school means there is something to appeal to the interests of everyone. Recently, the girls ventured to London to visit the National History Museum and have previously enjoyed adventures to a trampoline park, Wembley Stadium, and escape rooms. Each Sunday a member of house staff also accompanies the girls into Reading- here the girls are free to go shopping in small groups, and usually come back to Michell with iced drinks and bubble tea in hand!

“My favourite thing about weekends in Michell is having time to play pool, relax and hang out with friends!” - Apple, U4s

The weekend also offers lots of time to relax and unwind in house. Michell very excitingly has its own pool table, and the girls are quickly mastering the art of how to play! Michell is home to a kitchen where snacks and drinks can be made as well as one large ‘Sit’, a few prep rooms to practice piano and other instruments, and a smaller snug for the girls to cosy up, watch films, and play board games, meaning there are always ample things to do. Plus Coco and Crumpet, Mr and Mrs Blunt’s springerdoodles, are always around for cuddles and to take on walks!

Sunday ends with a roast in the Restaurant, bringing the Michell girls together with the senior boarders to enjoy dinner before the start of a new week. No weekend is the same in junior boarding, and combined with the supportive, friendly atmosphere created by boarders and house staff alike, life in Michell is always exciting. Whether you want to relax with friends, learn a new skill, or venture out on a trip to Reading or beyond, the options are endless!

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