L6 attend ‘Maths Inspiration’ talk in Reading

Wednesday 7th March 2018

On Tuesday 27 February 2018, the L6 mathematicians attended a ‘Maths Inspiration’ talk at the Hexagon, consisting of talks from Matt Parker, Hannah Fry, David Acheson and Hugh Hunt, speaking on ‘A Random Talk, ‘Pi, Pizza and the Electric Guitar’ and ‘Maths in a Spin’. Here is a summary of their time at the event in the words of Natalie G (L6).

The talks were engaging and entertaining, they gave an insight into how mathematics can be applied in everyday life, revealing how maths is at the heart of everyday activities.

For example, Hannah Fry, who spoke on ‘A Random Talk’, explained that humans were particularly bad at choosing random numbers. To illustrate this, prior to the event, all audience members were asked to text in a random number between 0-10. Surprisingly, it was revealed that a large majority of the audience had chosen the number ‘7’, therefore proving that humans are more inclined to choose this number because it is perceived as most ‘random’.

One of the highlights of the talk was David Acheson, who had prepared videos on maths he found within his own home, for example, he attempted to prove pi, his method was to measure the circumference of a record by rolling it once across the floor and then measure the diameter, and then dividing the circumference by the diameter to find pi.

Overall, the speakers passion and interest in maths was infectious, the large amount of audience engagement and fascinating subject matters made for a captivating talk.