Economics Grade Booster Workshop

Monday 19th March 2018

On Monday 12 March 2018, the U6 economics students went on a trip to Bristol for the Tutor2u Economics Grade Booster Conference. This conference is organized annually to help refine our examination technique and to revise key topics before the upcoming final examinations. The presenters also shared feedback from the examiner reports to encourage us to stretch ourselves, giving us tips on how to make our answers stand out.


I found the resources provided were really helpful and the interaction between the presenter and other students helped us to consolidate our previous knowledge and stretched us further in terms of exam technique.”
Kweiba A

“Broad areas of the syllabus were covered and it was very informative. The talk introduced helpful evaluation techniques for writing the longer answers.”
Francesca G

“I liked the booklet we were given as it has useful examples of how to evaluate extensively, an area in which I struggle with.”
Evie B

“The slides and booklet were very useful and gave some helpful case studies, to help us apply our theory. They also shared useful tips with which to answer questions in the A level exam in the summer, for example, PECAN, PIE and APE.”
– Fabie R