Sports Awards Evening

Wednesday 9th May 2018

On Saturday 28 April, Queen Anne’s School held the annual Sports Awards Evening. Where the girls were applauded for their dedication and competitive spirit. Mrs Nicky Burley, recognises that Queen Anne’s girls “have shown to be outside the norm when it comes to striving for excellence.” The speaker of the night was one such woman, Marilyn Okoro, a British Track and Field Athlete she has represented Great Britain in the 800m, 4x400m relay race at the European, World and Olympic levels.

Below is a list of all the girls that were recognised for their athletic efforts:

Captain’s awards

Head of sport and Lacrosse: Bella B (U6)

Netball: Amy Turner (U6)

Tennis: Georgie E (U6)

Rowing: Izzy R (U6) and Ella H (U6)

Dance captain: Olivia S (U6)




Most valuable: Bella B (U6) and Shana H (U6)

Rising star: Emily O (U5)

Most improved: Abi S (L6)


Most Valuable: Izzy Z (U6)

Rising star: Hannah K (U5)

Most improved: Lucy G (U5)


Most Valuable: Becca H (U6)

Rising star: Grace S (U5)

Most improved: Megan W (U5)



1st team:

Most valuable: Georgie E (U6)

Rising Star: Abi S (L6)

Most improved: Alice O (U6)


2nd team:

Most valuable: Izzy Z (U6)

Rising Star: Kitty W (L6)

Most Improved: Yasmin H (U6)



Most valuable: Georgie K (U5)

Rising star: Georgie R (U5)

Most Improved: Molly R (U5)



Most Valuable: Kerry F (U5)

Rising Star: Emily O (U5)

Most improved: Amy N (U5)



Most Valuable: Bella B (U6)

Rising star: Millie B (U5)

Most Improved: Abigail S (L6)



Most valuable: Katie G (U6)

Rising star: Sophie H (L6)

Most improved: Rachel G (L6)



Most valuable: Olivia S (U6)

Rising star: Madeleine P (L6)

Most improved: Phoebe K (L6)


The awards coming next are for girls who are giving back to their sport in other ways:

Coaching contribution

Katie Green (U6), Hazelle M (U5) and Sophie W (U6)

Umpiring Contribution

Georgie R (U5), Millie B (U5), Hannah K (U5)