Queen Anne’s Sports News

Monday 26th February 2018

A round up of all the latest sports news in the week commencing Monday 19 February 2018.

As the cold weather started to settle in our girls took on equestrian, netball and lacrosse.


Congratulations to Ellie T (U5), and her horse Doof, who qualified for her third British Eventing national championship final over the weekend. A fantastic achievement, you can read the full story here.


Queen Anne’s School had a number of games against Cranford house this past week.

U12As won 19-6
Players’ Player: Lula J and Grace J
Commended: Katie L and Lara R

U12Bs won 6-1
Players’ Player: Georgie G
Commended: Nell A

U12Cs won 3-1
Players’ Player: Sofia A
Commended: Daisy H

U13As won 25-8
Players’ Player: Isabel W
Commended: Niamh G and Millie B

U13Bs won 28-2
Players’ Player: Cesca M and Poppy W
Commended: Luisa B and Gracie L

U13Cs won 22-1
Players’ Player: Izzy I
Commended: Fleur-M

Queen Anne’s v Beaconsfield High

U16As lost 28-17
Players’ Player: Georgie R
Commended: Georgie K

U16B lost 9-29
Players’ Player: Emily O
Commended: Lucy E


v St Mary’s Calne, there were emotional scenes for the U6 as they played their last home fixture. The girls have all been fantastic and have grown as players over their time at Queen Anne’s.

U12As won 10-3
Players’ Player: Lara R and Sofia A
Commended: Georgie G, Beau B, Alice B

U13As won 9-1
Players’ Player: Katie L and Millie B
Commended: Claudia M, Flo C, Niamh G, Grace L

U13Bs Won 10-5
Players’ Player: Gabby H
Commended: Tabitha M, Esther B, Isla C, Eloise D

U14As won 13-1
Players’ Player: Holly B
Commended: Amy I, Lauren R, Freya M, Olive R

U14Bs won 6-2
Players’ Player: Kate L,
Commended: Amber I, Sophie C, Ruby H

U15As lost 12-6
Players’ Player: Amelia H
Commended Jazz B, Amelia F

U15Bs lost 9-1
Players’ Player: Zara O
Commended: Stella L

3rds lost 7-3
Players’ Player: Lori M
Commended: Lyra C, Anna W, Amelia F

2nds won 12-2
Players Player: Izzy Z
Commended: Sophie H, Georgie R

1sts lost 8-7
Players’ Player: Shana H
Commended Alex G and Ella H


Well done to all the girls that competed in sport this past week.