Interhouse Gym, Dance & Trampolining Competition

Wednesday 30th May 2018

On Friday 18 May Queen Anne’s hosted its annual inter-house Gym, Dance and Trampolining competition. The girls had been building up to the competition for several weeks with girls attending lunchtime practice slots to choreograph and practice their routines.

The trampolining kicked of the event with some fantastic performances. Winner Amelia S wowed the spectators with an array of summersaults and her impressive routine. The solo gymnasts then wowed us with their balance, agility and grace during performance. The standard was exceptionally high with several regional level performers showcasing their talents. The judging on this particular competition was very tough with Alice B narrowly clinching victory.

The group gymnastic displays demonstrated real teamwork from the girls and it was nice to see girls across several different year groups able to work together to entertain us.

Dance then rounded off the evening with great choreography and passion shown through the performances. Aimee L wowed the audience with a really emotional piece to clinch the top spot. The group dances were equally impressive with Maddock coming out on top. A fantastic event and a huge well done to all girls who competed!