Flying The Queen Anne’s Flag At Sparsholt

Tuesday 18th October 2016

Despite sheet rain in the morning, four keen riders with horses and their entourage set out to brave the elements in deepest Hampshire. There was fierce competition from the usual suspects but our girls were determined their first outing as a fully branded Queen Anne’s Equestrian Team would be a day of fun and team spirit.

With expert team leadership from Carrie Hall, the girls all pulled together, checking timings, walking the course together, discussing tactics and supporting each other through thick and thin.

They had entered the 80cm and 90cm and the jumps were certainly up to height with some tricky turns and scary fillers. The first class lasted about two and a half hours so our girls had to use all their memory skills to keep the course in their heads but thanks to cunning admin by Dawn Goudge, they were then first in to the next class so no hanging around this time.

Sadly no ribbons to take home at this competition, but it was a great first team outing and great experience for all four girls. Something really positive to build on for the next team event in November.