L6 showcase their ballroom dancing skills with The Oratory School

Wednesday 7th March 2018

“On Saturday 24 February the annual L6 Ball took place at Queen Anne’s with the Oratory School. It was a great evening filled with amazing food, an exciting competition and great company. We all had such a fun time and enjoyed showcasing what we had learnt over the previous months in our ballroom dancing lessons. We would like to thank Miss Casemenr and the staff in Holmes for all their hardwork and commitment, Sharon and her team for coming in every week to teach us, the judges, Mr Beaumont, the catering staff and the waitresses for their amazing service and brilliant food. The staff at The Oratory and finally Mrs Harrington for allowing us to host the event. It was a very successful evening and one that we will certainly never forget!”

Aoife (L6)


“The L6 ball was beautifully designed, a true representation of a traditional ball like you see in the movies with a spin. The DJ playing modern music to the ballroom dances we had learned provided a hyped atmosphere during the dances!

After our delightful meal the ballroom dances we had rehearsed finally were on show in the competition. The judges would tap dancers on the shoulder if they were worthy of getting through the next stage. There were 3 rounds till the final and I can assure you each round was more and more competitive, with legs flying higher and higher each subsequent round. The exhilarating feeling the tap on the shoulder gave was one that cannot be described, only experienced!

When the dances were over the winners were announced for each dance and they received a (huge) trophy with their partner. The evening was spectacular and truly represented what the staff, catering and pupils at Queen Annes are able to pull off!”

Abigail (L6)