The 4s experiment with fizzy drinks and mentos

Friday 29th June 2018

The 4s took their science experiments to the sunny outdoors yesterday morning to record the data of how mentos react with fizzy drinks. The class has summarised the experiment and their results below:

The Method

  1. Get the mentos and the diet coke/fizzy drink of your option
  2. Go outside as it gets rather messy!
  3. Put the mentos into the bottle and stand back
  4. Watch the magic happen

What Happened?

The mentos reacts with the carbon dioxide in the diet coke. This then cause a reaction in the form of a frothy explosion.





Coke – 1.98m

Lemonade – 1.20m

Orangeade – 3.75m

Diet Coke – 2.20m

In conclusion we can gather that the orangeade reacted most with the mentos and that lemonade was the least reactive/had the least amount of CO2 in it

Teachers Comment

The 4s classes used their knowledge of  ‘States of Matter’ to demonstrate the solubility of gases in a liquid and fair testing