Queen Anne's run with Richard Whitehead raises over £6,000

Wednesday 30th October 2013

The team of 22 runners from Queen Anne’s, who ran with Paralympic Gold medallist Richard Whitehead as part of ‘Richard Whitehead Runs Britain’, have raised over £6,000 for Richard’s chosen charities Scope and Sarcoma UK. Richard Whitehead has now successfully become the first double amputee to run the length of Britain by completing 40 back to back marathons in 40 days and has now raised in total over £196,000.

(Photo by David Baird - www.david-baird.co.uk)

Head Girl Saskia Hamilton-Bowker, U6, shares with us her experience of running with Richard on Friday 13 September:

“On Friday 13 of September, lucky for some and unlucky for others, we headed down to Tredington, Gloucestershire! After a two hour journey, we hurried off the mini bus, sporting our Queen Anne’s team t-shirts and eating bananas as our last minute source of energy! The 22 of us gathered round the start line in the primary school’s playground, waiting anxiously for Richard’s appearance.  Richard, who had already run 29 back to back marathons, arrived in great spirits and even had his photograph taken with us in the Queen Anne’s red school cloak!

The flashing lights of the police motorbike and the booming music from Richard’s support vehicle led us on our first stretch. The lucky ones in the group wore blue bibs denoting 5km but the rest of us were going to run 10km in the pouring rain! Mr Richards, Mr Bushby and Mrs Little kept the pace running just behind Richard and Paralympian silver medallist Stef Reid, with the rest of us encouraging each other to keep up with them!

Ongoing cheers from passers by and hooting horns from cars spurred us on and increased the excitement that we felt participating in Richard’s incredible journey. By the 23 of September, Richard will have been the first double amputee to run a staggering 1572 km, after completing 40 back to back marathons from John O’Groats to Lands End. Our contribution in terms of miles was minute in comparison to this amazing man, but our enthusiasm and enjoyment of it was huge. It was an incredible day and well done to Richard for completing the rest of his journey.”

See below for a slideshow of photographs from the run: