U5 Student Accepts Place at Brown University

Monday 12th May 2014

Queen Anne’s student Rosie, U5, has accepted a place at Brown University to study as part of the Introduction to Music Production course this summer. Rosie will travel out to Boston in America on 11 July and will study at Brown University, which is based in Providence, Rhode Island, for three weeks, returning home on 4 August.

Explaining her reason for applying to Brown University, Rosie, 16 from Upper Basildon, Reading, said, “I wanted to apply to Brown University because I am passionate about music and I wanted to be different. When I initially applied in February, I never though that I would be accepted, so I was extremely delighted to receive my acceptance letter in early March.

I’ve always had an interest in going over to America to study music, particularly at Brown University, because of the university’s amazing reputations and applying for the Introduction to Music Production course is the next logical step for me as I want to go into music production in the future.”

“Accepting a place on the course at Brown University will give me a good idea of what it is like to live away from home and also give me an indication of whether studying in America is right for me once I leave Queen Anne’s.”