Musical Reviews

Tuesday 2nd December 2014

Pupils have been taking part in a number of musical performances and concerts over the past week.

The School Concert

The School Concert took place on Tuesday 25 November involving a number of our talented musicians. The concert started with a brilliant performance of the 1st movement of Vivaldi’s Double ‘Cello Concerto’ played by the Chamber Orchestra. This was followed by an outstanding performance of the 1st movement of the ‘Sonata in Eb major’ by Haydn, performed by Natasha Canter. Unfortunately there were too many soloists to be able to mention every single one by name but they were all brilliant.

The Clarinetix group, led by Mr Haysted, played brilliantly in the middle of the first half and were followed by the very talented Dart sisters who sang ‘She’s My Sister’, a performance that was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. The first half ended with a performance by the Flute Ensemble playing arrangements of ‘Country Garden’ and ‘Colonel Bogey.’

The second half began with performances by the Saxaholics group, playing a couple of popular jazzy classics. This was followed by numerous extremely talented soloists, including a beautiful rendition of Elgar’s ‘Where Corals Lie’ by Sophie McAlpine. The concert ended with the Chamber Choir singing ‘By the Waters of Babylon’ by Mawby and ‘The Snow’ by Elgar, both of which created an amazing atmosphere and had the audience hooked from the start to the end. Overall it was a brilliant concert – a huge congratulations to all the soloists and ensembles who took part.

Foundation Schools’ Soundscapes Event

To celebrate the end of the Foundation Schools’ Art Exhibition, on Friday 28 November, students from Queen Anne’s School, Westminster City Boys School and Grey Coat Hospital School came together to create a series of Soundscapes relating to five pieces of art from the exhibition.

Working alongside the British vocal ensemble VOCES8 at the Gresham Centre in London, students spent time discussing each piece of art and then created improvised musical compositions including movement and action, which they rehearsed and performed in the evening.

Mr John Padley, Head of Music at Queen Anne’s School, said, “The ideas and creativity were remarkable and vividly captured the visual images of each painting. This was a wonderful way of combining music and art and to celebrate the talents of our students in both of these areas. A truly inspiring evening!”

Please click here to view a short video of the event

Please find below a slideshow of photographs from the School Concert:

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