Music Scholars' Concert Review

Monday 12th October 2015

The school was treated to a wonderful concert on Thursday 1 October featuring some of our music scholars.

The concert began with Dido’s lament from Purcell’s opera, ‘Dido and Aeneas’, performed by Eleanor Lyon. Eleanor demonstrated great technical control; phrasing and diction were excellent and Eleanor exhibited a clear understanding of baroque performing practice in her execution of this stunning work.

This was followed by a performance of Cohen’s ‘Beneath the Stars’ by Astrid Petersen-Lentze. The performance displayed great enthusiasm and confidence; Astrid demonstrated high levels of technical virtuosity in this challenging unaccompanied work for violin.

Sophie Grosz Dequenne then performed ‘Somewhere’ from Bernstein’s West Side Story. Sophie really captured the mood and spirit of this wonderful ballad. Diction and intonation were excellent.

Isabelle Richards gave a fine performance of ‘Saint Saëns Oboe Sonata’ (2nd movement). The lyrical free flowing melodies demonstrated fine control and there was an excellent interaction with the accompanist. The false fire alarm caused no alarm for Isabelle, who continued with her wonderful performance of this work; further disturbance with the premature clapping from the audience, again caused no concern for Isabella!

Another number from Westside Story was performed by Georgina Ralston. Georgina danced along with the memorable vocal line from ‘I Feel Pretty’.

Marjolein Hewlett then performed Kuchler’s ‘Concertino in D Major’. This performance demonstrated great technical control with the sequential gestures and terraced dynamics all being carefully managed.

The exceptional vocal writing of Barber was completely absorbed by Gabrielle Woodward. The work’s moving text and rich melodies were articulated with fine control from Gabrielle. The performance clearly demonstrated Gabrielle’s appreciation and understanding of 20th century American vocal music.

Anastasia Dekic then went onto perform an extract from the film score to ‘Ladies in Lavender’. Intonation was very good and there was a fine understanding of the direction of the melodic line; the overall performance was executed with poise and control.

Rebecca Washer performed Purcell’s ‘If Music be the Food of Love’ with great conviction, as did Alice Oram in her performance of Rutter’s ‘Chanson’. Nia Hudson displayed great control of the Italian language in Pergolesi’s ‘Se tu m’ami’, followed by well-articulated performance of Bach’s C Major Prelude, performed by Ellie Peterson.

Sasha Easterbrook gave a convincing interpretation of ‘Mama Who Bore Me’ by Sheik. Sasha has a great understanding of this genre and simply performed the work with brilliance. Izzy Zealley performed ‘Calm as the Night’ by Bohn. Izzy’s performance was very secure, demonstrating excellent management of the middle range register of the flute.

Laura Burnett then went onto perform two extracts from Schumann’s Dichterliebe. Laura demonstrated an excellent understanding of German romantic lieder with her performance of this seminal work. Intonation was excellent and her command of the German language and understanding of the text was outstanding.

The concert closed with a performance of Part’s ‘Spiegel I’m Spiegel’ by Camille Morana. Camille’s performance displayed maturity and professionalism of the highest musical level. Interaction with the accompanist was superb and the overall effect was truly magical.

A big thank you to all the performers who demonstrated great musicianship. Thanks also goes to the music staff at Queen Anne’s for their great commitment and dedication to our pupils.