Inter-House Music Competition

Wednesday 21st March 2018

On Thursday 15 March the boarding and day houses came together to compete in the annual Inter-House Music Competition. After rehearsing all week spirits were high and, overall, we saw some great performances across the school.

Congratulations goes to Wilkins House, who won in the ‘Best Song’ category and were the overall winners of the competition! a big well done to Webbe House who won ‘Best Ensemble’.


Here are some of the highlights from the competition:


Wisdome House

The girls in Wisdome chose to sing “It must be love” by Madness for their House song. An enthusiastic and colourful performance to begin the competition!




Webbe House

Georgie and Zoe choose ‘ Twist and Shout’ as the Webbe house song. They knew they would be a really popular song with the rest of the house and give a fun, party atmosphere to rehearsals!




Ffyler House

Ffyler chose ‘Let’s Get It Started’ by the Black Eyed Peas for their ensemble, as they wanted a song which could really be performed and played with to give a fun effect on the stage. They used singing, rapping and instrumentals to give depth to the song which was a fantastic way of incorporating a variety of girls into the piece. They were able to use the up-beat tempo show off their dance moves, too!

For the house song, we chose ‘Help’ by The Beatles as we thought it had good scope for harmony and scope for the various year groups to each have a moment ‘in the spotlight’. The U5 led the harmony and dance moves and Aoife J (L6 Ffyler House Captain) was invaluable in putting the whole thing together!




Wilkins House

Wilkins House were so pleased to win the competition this year! The girls put in a lot of hard work over this term to put together both an amazing ensemble performance and house song.

For the ensemble piece Wilkins looked at which instruments the girls played and from there picked a combination of string instruments and keyboard. Lucy G and Livvy G picked songs from the 2000s and Lucy arranged the songs into a sharp piece that combined both style and excitement!

The Beatles House song was chosen by Livvy “I get by with a little help from my friends”, this song represents the Wilkins girls completely their sense of camaraderie and friendship across the house.

The leaders of the house song were the U5 taking charge of the house and coming up with a brilliant routine involving multiple dance groups.

Wilkins Wolves managed to win both the house song and the entire competition!




Maddock House

Last, but not least, Maddock finished the competition on high note with their upbeat and sunny performance.