'All The King's Men' Workshop Review

Tuesday 15th April 2014

On Thursday 20 March, multi-award winning a cappella group, ‘All the King’s Men’, visited Queen Anne’s to run a workshop and perform a concert to pupils, parents and the local community. The ‘All the King’s Men’ workshop was attended by pupils from Queen Anne’s and pupils from Shiplake College. Kate-Lynne Bouwer, U4, provides her account of the workshop below:

“On Thursday 20 March, we were visited by some very cool people, an a cappella group called ‘All the King’s Men’. They attended the school to run a singing workshop and also perform a concert as part of the ‘Live@QA’ Concert Series at Queen Anne’s. First they helped us warm up by:

  • Making us shake our hands and feet for eight counts, then four, then two, then one and jump in the air;
  • Then we did a vocal exercise which consisted of singing like a ping pong ball to the tune of the William Tell Overture

The group then taught us part of one of their songs, ‘In The Jungle’ (from the film “The Lion King”). I was really excited to meet them and see what they had to say to us. I think it was because I was meeting a real life a cappella group just after I had watched the film “Pitch Perfect”. The whole experience was amazing; they were all really nice and had a lot to say. I hope they can come again soon.”

Please see below for a slideshow of photographs from the workshop: