Each morning I am lucky enough to welcome each and every girl into Wisdome House, and with their bright smiles and energetic nature this certainly makes the start to the day extremely positive. A morning meeting in the sit brings us all together and allows us to foster the strong sense of community spirit we have in our House. This also provides an opportunity for our dedicated tutors to come in and offer help and support or just spend time building and strengthening relationships with their tutees.  House meetings on Friday evening allow us to spend some more valuable time as a whole house. It is here that we congratulate the girls on their achievements and discuss any business that may have arisen during the week. It is also known for us to share a treat or two!

In Wisdome House we have a great variety of talents and interests amongst our girls. These include musicians, actresses and dedicated sports women to name a few. We always enjoy sharing details of our interests and achievements in house and often display these on our achievements notice board. The girls also spend time in the house office sharing details of their experiences and triumphs, which is always a delight!

With such motivated and fun loving members of the house, every day brings with it new and exciting prospects. We approach these with a united front and a true sense of house spirit.

Mrs Shuler, Wisdome Housemistress


Housemistress: Mrs Shuler
Deputy Housemaster: Mr Rogeon
Deputy Housemistress: Mrs Valner
L4 Tutor: Mrs page
4 Tutor: Mrs Barlow
U4 Tutors:
Mr Dax/Mrs Valner
L5 Tutors: Mr Lange/Mr Punter
U5 Tutors: Dr Green/Mr Rogeon


The Housemistress of Wisdome House is Mrs Shuler, who is very nice and lots of fun. She is always available to help in school and is very approachable. Wisdome girls love to take part in House events such as house drama or house music and are often known to win a competition or two in house sports events! The House colour is red, which appears in almost every room in our House, even our noticeboards are painted in the House colour!

Wisdome has a large ‘sit’ (sitting room) for all the girls in the house to use. The sit is somewhere you can socialise with friends, listen to music or even play on the Wii. In the sit there are notice boards where members of each year group can pin up posters of favorite pop stars; books; photographs of you and your friends or anything that interests you. There are two work rooms to complete prep or read a book, which are supervised and provide an environment conducive to learning and quiet study. We also have two areas for our lockers, which allow us to store our belongings and prepare for the busy and exciting day ahead of us.

Written by U5 Wisdome pupils


“Each Wisdome girl finds her own way to live up to the fierce pride implied by the house’s dragon emblem. And each has been able to practise and showcase her own strengths.
In Wisdome, the girls always have a positive attitude towards trying new things, recognised through the ‘Wisdome Winner of the Week’ in our house newsletter.” – Lea, House PR Prefect