Our House is full of energy and excitement.  Webbe girls have a very positive outlook on life and are an absolute pleasure to work with!

We think of ourselves as the Webbe family where the older girls look out for their younger ‘sisters’.  It is important for every girl to feel valued and to be part of our community. To this end, we encourage participation in House events, competitions, meetings and social activities. As girls progress through the school, they take on more responsibilities within the House, eventually becoming games captains, heads of House, deputies, etc.

The teenage years are a very demanding time in a young person’s life and I therefore make it my priority to provide a friendly, welcoming and caring environment, as well as a challenging and stimulating one, for the girls to grow and flourish.


Housemistress: Mrs Rebecca Croll
Deputy Housemaster: 
Mr Walden
Deputy Housemistress: Mrs Goodchild
L4 Tutor: Mr Walden
4 Tutor: Miss Marsh
U4 Tutors: Mrs Goodchild/Miss Jones
L5 Tutors: Mrs Spellman/Ms Young
U5 Tutor: Mr Tuckwell


Housemistress, Mrss Croll, is lots of fun and is always there to help. Webbe girls enjoy school, our House is really homely and we have a lot of laughs! There are lots of clubs and activities you can do like horse riding, cooking, art club and many more – everyone will try everything at least once! The House colour is yellow.

The House was named after Charles Webbe, a trader in brooms and leather, who was one of the eight founders of our school. Webbe has one big ‘sit’ (sitting room) where you can sit with friends to chat, listen to music or even play on the Wii. In the cafe area there is a hot drinks area with the all-important hot chocolate machine and you can complete prep here or read a book. Much like a coffee shop! There are four work rooms to complete prep or read a book, which are supervised and provide an environment conducive to learning and quiet study. We also have one large area for our lockers, which allow us to store our belongings and prepare for the busy and exciting day ahead of us. In the sitting room there are year boards where you can pin up posters of your favourite pop stars, books, or anything that interests you.

Written by U5 Webbe pupils


“Webbe’s house colour is yellow and this can mean happiness, hope and positivity – qualities we show clearly each day in school!” – Tilly, Head of House