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One of the strengths of Queen Anne’s School is the important role that day girls play in our community. Ffyler is one of the 3 junior day houses with girls from L4-U5 who are proud to be members of this House. Our day house is a space for students to work, rest and play and we encourage the girls to make it their own and try to incorporate any suggestions they have on improving the House. We nominate students in the Upper Five to take up House roles and become mentors for the younger year groups.


Ffyler girls come to House every morning and evening, and if they are not taking part in one of the many activities on offer, they use their specially designated Prep rooms and computer rooms to complete their homework. ‘Home time is your own time’ is a popular phrase we use and there is always a teacher available to help with Prep to ensure that everything is completed by 6.30pm. When Prep is finished, girls usually come up to the Ffyler ‘sit’ and café area and have some hot chocolate or squash. The girls can watch TV or put on music but they are normally more interested in catching up with friends!


Housemistress: Miss Rutherford
Deputy Housemistress: Miss Marsh
Deputy Housemaster: Mr Dax
L4 Tutor: Mr Dax
4 Tutors: Miss Rossi/Mr Townsend
U4 Tutors: Mrs Brooke-Mee/Miss Marsh
L5 Tutor: Mrs Clarke
U5 Tutors: Mr Jackson/Mrs Tomlinson


There are 70 girls in Ffyler, all with different interests and hobbies, aged 11-16. There is always someone to sit with and talk to, and the girls are free to come into the House at break and lunchtimes. Should the girls wish to bring friends in from other Houses during the day, they are more than welcome to. We have a Movie Night at least once a term and each year group is treated to a takeaway Pizza tea!

Ffyler competes in a variety of Inter-House events, from lacrosse and trampolining to pancake racing and Easter-egg hunting! The Ffyler community all look out for one another and give encouragement to their teammates during competitions. It is always fun to put on purple face-paint and wear purple ribbon in our hair during Sports Day. The girls collect merits for good work throughout the year and are recognised in Ffyler during our House meeting each week.

We have a big House party at Christmas with plenty of games, as well as a summer party at the end of the school year with ice cream and bouncy-castles. We always look forward to our annual House Trip when the girls get to decide the destination. In recent years, we have visited Atom Trampoline Park and COSMO’s World Buffet in Reading. At the end of the Lent term, the girls enjoy receiving an Easter egg from their tutor and Housemistress.

The strength of our House lies in the open channels of communication between the girls and staff. It is important that the pupils of Queen Anne’s feel at home and supported throughout their time here, whether as a daygirl or boarder. As a Housemistress, I am able to get to know the girls well and quickly pick up and act upon any concerns they may have. The girls and staff all enjoy spending time in the House with other members of our Ffyler family!

Miss Rutherford, Ffyler Housemistress