Queen Anne’s is a boarding and day school where our community is defined by very strong pastoral care. There are three Day Houses: Ffyler, Webbe, and Wisdome, for girls aged 11-16, each with its own characteristics and quirks. The happiness of the girls is at the top of our priority list and it is primarily through the House system that we strive to ensure this.

The Day Houses provide a base for the girls during the school day. The girls register with their Housemistress every morning before heading to Chapel/Assembly or tutor time. A morning in one of the day houses can be busy and yet each Housemistress exudes a calming presence as the girls prepare for their day ahead. The Housemistress is always there to welcome the girls to another school day and to help them prepare for the academic challenges the school day will bring.

The Day Housemistress leads and manages the House and she is the first point of contact for parents for any advice or guidance.  The involvement of all the Housemistresses in teaching ensures they are fully aware of the girls’ academic as well as pastoral development. The Housemistress is ably supported by two deputies and a team of tutors who are allocated to a year group and provide individual support.

Tutors see their tutees regularly to discuss their academic progress and pastoral development.  Sixth Form students are given the opportunity to help and support the younger girls through the House officer system. They play a vital role in running the teams for inter-house competitions including House Music, Drama and Sport. Competition thrives between the Houses and the colours of the houses are a visible sign of the pride each House has in its achievements.

The strength of the House system lies in establishing a very clear identity and a physical place where the girls feel a sense of belonging and are valued. Throughout their time at Queen Anne’s they are supported and encouraged within this environment without condition. The House is a place in which the values of Queen Anne’s are communicated and reinforced. The House is the place in which the nurture they receive is an extension of that they might experience at home.

Girls at Queen Anne’s say they feel well supported throughout the school, and clearly understand who they can turn to if they have a problem. All pastoral staff ensure that each girl’s individual needs are met. The Day Houses are a warm, welcoming, happy and fun place to be and the girls in Ffyler, Webbe and Wisdome look forward to showing you around their House.

“You’re given so much support here.  Even if your friends aren’t that sporty, they’ll come and watch you in matches to encourage you. “

Elly S


One of the strengths of Queen Anne’s School is the important role that day girls play in our community. Ffyler is one of the junior day houses with girls from L4-U5 who are proud to be members of this House.


Our House is full of energy and excitement.  Webbe girls have a very positive outlook on life and are an absolute pleasure to work with! We think of ourselves as the Webbe family where the older girls look out for their younger ‘sisters’.


In Wisdome House we have a great variety of talents and interests amongst our girls. These include musicians, actresses and dedicated sports women to name a few. We always enjoy sharing details of our interests and achievements in house and often display these on our achievements notice board.