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At Queen Anne’s we value our girls as individuals and strive to help them reach their potential. We believe that having a wide and varied co-curricular programme will support and encourage our girls to build confidence, stretch their abilities and achieve their goals. We have a “no limits” approach to the girls’ learning and development and our co-curricular programme provides a breadth of opportunities during the school week. The girls can choose from over 100 clubs and activities run by the enthusiastic and dedicated members staff.

Co-curricular choices are an integral part of every girl’s school life. Our goal is to increase their self-esteem, encourage them to use their individual talents, skills and knowledge as well as improve their communication skills and independent thinking. For the older girls this has the added benefit of provided excellent enrichment for their CVs and UCAS applications.
It is our strong belief that a holistic approach to the girls’ learning, both in and outside the classroom, provides a variety of opportunities for them to discover their passions, their strengths and help them find their path as well as making them life-long learners prepared for a rapidly changing society. The co-curricular sessions provide opportunities for girls to not only challenge themselves and learn new things, but also work collaboratively with students from different year and friendship groups.

There is something that everyone can get involved in and whatever a girl’s needs, passions or interest are, we believe the Queen Anne’s co-curricular programme will support and enhance this, leading to a good all round education.