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Boarding in Maddock is great fun and you will make some really close friends.  It teaches you independence, organisation and responsibility.  But above all, you will have a lot of laughs!


“Work hard, play hard and look after each other”

This is our House motto and girls understand that gaining a balance between academic work and extra-curricular activities is important to achieve success. When they have free time they enjoy hanging out in the Sit or the kitchen and chatting with friends over a hot chocolate and biscuit.

“The love and pride we all put in together demonstrates the Maddock spirit, true to our motto ‘Work hard, play hard, look after each other'” – Rowena, House Prefect


Housemistress: Miss White
Deputy Housemistress: Mrs Szram
Matron: Mrs Gilling
Night Matron: TBC
L4 Tutor: Miss White
4 Tutor: Ms Casement/Mrs Lee
U4 Tutor: TBC
L5 Tutors: Ms Consiglio/Mr Jones
U5 Tutors: Mr Bottomley/Dr Munro
Graduate Assistants: Miss Galvin and Miss Wright


Maddock House is one of two junior boarding Houses and looks after girls aged 11-16. Our House colour is blue!

The girls have plenty of access to support and guidance and lots of contact time to build strong relationships with the House staff. Support from tutors in the House every morning means girls can gain the balance they need to work and play in equal measure. The House offers a bridge between school and House to give each girl the individual and combined support they need.

Maddock girls are a mixture of flexi, weekly and full boarders and the girls mix well across the year groups.  All girls have a ‘sister’ in the House who looks after them in their first few weeks and who remains a source of support throughout their time at Queen Anne’s. In addition U5 and L6 students take up prefect roles and offer another layer of support for the younger girls.

Maddock benefits from a very large family-style kitchen which is well stocked with fruit, milk, hot drinks and bread for the vital after-school toast; the girls spend time relaxing and chatting here as well as in the large sit (sitting room) with doors leading to the garden. There is always staff on duty in the office at all times during the day and evening. Girls are free to come back to the House and relax at break and lunch times and can ‘sign in’ friends from other Houses. For most, Maddock really feels like their second home and we constantly encourage girls to contribute to our ever evolving environment. The girls’ laundry is done in House by the House staff during the day and is ready to collect in the evenings, while we encourage the girls play their part by in ‘clean up’ duties on a rotational basis in the evenings.

There are set prep times in the House after school each day, with supervised prep taking place for the juniors in our workroom which has computers available with access to the school network and internet. Senior girls are encouraged to manage their studies more independently and do prep in their study bedrooms during the same prep times. In addition to the computers placed in the workroom, the House also benefits from a wireless internet connection and all girls are free to have personal laptops which can be set up on the school wireless system by the IT department. Junior girls however, are required to hand their tablets and laptops in at bedtime along with their mobile phones and the wireless connection is turned off over night.

Maddock has a large number of girls who stay in at weekends and take advantage of the weekend trips on offer which include water sports, shopping, cooking, theme parks and cinema trips and high ropes courses. There are many Inter-House events for girls to get involved in and Maddock girls have a fantastic spirit and are always the loudest supporters! We also have plenty of fun together as a House with a House outing every summer and events at Christmas, Easter, Pancake Day, Halloween, the end of year, not to mention a fair few occasions in between. All this enhances the true community spirit that is felt in the House.