At the heart of our success is the ‘human’ aspect of boarding. We pride ourselves that Queen Anne’s girls find their boarding experience fun.

The happiness of the girls is our top priority and it is primarily through the House system that we strive to ensure this. The 24 hour nature of school life means that members of staff are always on hand to offer support and advice. The Boarding House forms the family unit of which your daughter will be part.

Girls can board at Queen Anne’s on a full, weekly, flexi or occasional basis. There are four boarding Houses: two junior houses (Maddock and Wilkins) and a Lower Sixth day and boarding House (Holmes), which are near the main school buildings, and the Upper Sixth House (Michell) which is a short distance away.

Within boarding we aim to:

  • Enable girls to grow into independent, disciplined and self-reliant adults.
  • Enable girls to develop good relationships with families, friends, staff and fellow pupils.
  • Enable girls to develop their own moral, spiritual and social values.
  • Enable girls to fulfill their potential both intellectually and academically.
  • Enable girls to fulfill their potential in sporting, creative and other interests.
  • Enable girls to have opportunities for leadership and responsibility within the House.


Boarding in Maddock is good fun and you will make some really close friends.  It teaches you independence, organisation and responsibility.  But above all, you will have a lot of laughs!


Wilkins House is one big, happy family!  We are great because of the girls who live in Wilkins. The girls look after each other, and encourage each other to do their best in every aspect of school life.