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Started in Michaelmas term 2018, Queen Anne’s School hosts a variety of influential and inspiring speakers for a series of lectures, aimed at L6 students.

The Queen Anne’s School Lower Sixth Academic Enrichment Programme comprises of a series of lectures on a wide variety of topics given by speakers to the Lower Sixth.

The aim is to broaden horizons; enrich the girls in a cultural, moral, social and academic sense and to provide the opportunity to listen to an eclectic range of speakers.

The lectures are delivered by external speakers who are experts in their fields – explorers/paleoanthropologists; naval and military historians; retired senior officers from the military; Chemical Engineers; Directors of Humanitarian Charities to name but a few. This is supplemented by experts in their field from amongst the school’s academic staff who will talk about elements of their subjects that interest them but which they don’t get the opportunity to teach.

Finally, the aim is also to encourage the girls to grasp the nettle and to deliver some lectures themselves – this serves to develop their research and writing skills as well as their presentation technique and could be a forum for delivery of EPQs as well as simply gain the confidence to speak to an audience.

Please see below for a full list of lectures:


All lectures will lake place in the new St Cecilia Recital Hall at 10:00am unless stated otherwise.


Friday 13 SeptemberBrigadier Rory Copinger-Symes RM CBE – A Lecture on Leadership

Friday 20 SeptemberProfessional Rock Climber Ben Heason – Climbing Angel Falls, Venezuela

Friday 27 SeptemberDr Peter Mackie – Refugees in Addis Ababa


Friday 11 October – Cath Dunford – STEM Careers for Women


Friday 8 November – Philip Jones – Adolf Hitler – Strong or Weak Dictator?

Friday 22 November – Rebecca Daveney BA MA ACIfA Lithics Analyst


Friday 6 December – Mark Richards – Webern’s Op 22 – Pattern of Invention


Friday 7 February – Dr Kirsten Smith – Sex and Spies

Friday 28 February – Professor David Read, University of Southampton – Applications of Chemistry


Tuesday 10 March – Major General Peter Williams (Rtd) – Rudolf Hess – A most curious life and death (School Hall, 7pm)

External Speakers:

Friday 28 September 2018Ella Al-Shamahi – How to be a 21st Century Explorer; the frontline of scientific exploration.

School Hall, 10.00 am

Friday 5 October 2018 – Ronnie Katzler & Lynne Pritchard – Redearth Education (an NGO working in Uganda).

School Hall, 10.00 am

Friday 19 October Penny Eales – My Career as a Script Supervisor in the Film and TV Industry

School Hall, 10.00 am

Friday 2 November 2018 – Eleanor Monbiot – My work as Global Director of Operations for World Vision – the largest NGO in the world.

School Hall, 10.00 am

Friday 23 November 2018  – Dr David Davies – Award Winning Historical Fiction writer and Naval Historian – How to research for both fact & fiction.

Chapel, 10.00 am

Friday 25 January 2019Prof. David Read – Biofuels: Fuelling the Future or a Big Fraud?

Lecture Theatre, 10.00 am

Tuesday 5 March 2019Maj General (Rtd) Peter Williams – My life as a Cold War Spy.

School Hall, 7.00 pm

Friday 15 March 2019 Queen Anne’s Alumna Celia Carlisle – The Challenges and Opportunities in Major Infrastructure Programmes

School Hall, 10:00 am

Friday 7 June 2019Mark Peel  – Historian – The US Presidency,  How Special is the Special Relationship?

Lecture Theatre, 10.00 am


Internal (Staff) Speakers

Friday 12 October 2018 – Sandra Smith – Picasso’s Guernica: The Enduring Power of Art

School Hall, 10.00 am

Friday 30 November 2018Mark Richards – Expectation in Music; Music and the Mind

School Hall, 10.00 am

Friday 18 January 2019Dr Kirsten Smith – Women and Violence in Popular Culture: How violent is too violent? How sexy is too sexy?

Lecture Theatre, 10.00 am

Friday 8 February 2019Dr Jon Beale – Is it bad that we have to die? Would it be good to live forever?

Lecture Theatre, 10.00 am

Friday 8 March 2019 – Elizabeth Munro – Is God dead? Secularism and Belief in Britain

Lecture Theatre, 10.00 am

Friday 29 March 2019 – Alice Whitehead – Queen Anne

Lecture Theatre, 10.00 am