Queen Anne's 2017 A levels results



The outstanding teaching alongside the opportunities the girls at Queen Anne’s are given to develop their knowledge and skills provide the optimal conditions for public examination entry.

The girls are taught in classes of approximately 12 students at A Level. Tutor support, clinics and teaching on how the brain works and strategies for learning, revision and well being, are all critical to the excellent results that the girls achieve every year.

Our results are always a credit to the hard work and commitment of our girls and the dedication they demonstrate towards their studies and their futures on a day to day basis.

Every girl will, alongside their examination grades, take with them an array of other awards and accolades; for some girls this includes Grade 8 Speech and Drama awards, Grade 8 and Diploma musical achievements, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, memberships of the National Youth Theatre, National Youth Musical Theatre, National Youth Orchestra and competing and achieving at national level in their chosen sport. The girls also take with them well-developed interpersonal skills, namely confidence, compassion and kindness. Most importantly, the all-round achievements of our students enable them to move on to universities, businesses and other institutions ready to pursue the next stages of their development with a sense of fulfilment and a strong inner compass.


Our girls go on to study at leading institutions. Over the past three years this has included: University of Bath, University of Birmingham, University of Bristol, Cardiff University, University of Durham, University of Edinburgh, University of Exeter, King’s College London, University of Leeds, Imperial College London, University College London, University of Manchester, Newcastle University, University of Nottingham, Queen Mary’s University, University of Southampton, University of St Andrews and University of Sussex


Reflecting the diverse range of opportunities on offer at school, our girls go on to study a wide range of subjects at degree level including: Biological Sciences, English, Geography, International Relations, Liberal Arts, Mathematics, Medicine, Music, Psychology and Sports Science.

Our girls have successfully taken up places at Oxbridge to study: Classics, Geography, Human Sciences, Law, Materials Science, Medicine, Music, Natural Sciences and Philosophy, Politics and Economics.


The breakdown of Queen Anne’s School’s A Level results is as follows:

A*           14%

A* – A     40%

A* – B     70%

A* – C     89%

Pass        99%


Queen Anne’s School, Caversham, is delighted to announce another year of excellent A Level results for 2018, with 40% of all grades at A*A and 69% at A*, A or B.

Headmistress, Julia Harrington said “I could not be more proud of the girls’ achievements; they have been a fantastic year group who have been dedicated to their studies and building their futures. They now go on to take up their places at universities in the UK, Holland and the USA, as well as to degree apprenticeships”.

Our very own Isabella B has recently returned from Poland, co-captaining the England U20 Women’s Lacrosse team at the European Championships, and bringing home the trophy as European champions! Isabella now has another reason to celebrate, achieving excellent A Level results of 2 As in Biology and Chemistry, and a B in Physics, as well as an A* grade for her Extended Project Qualification. With an unconditional offer from the University of Nottingham, Isabella will study a degree in Medical Physiology and Therapeutics. Lacrosse will still play a large part in Isabella’s university life, as 6 of her England teammates will also join her at the University of Nottingham!

Queen Anne’s Head Girls, Amy T and Georgina E, continued their role as outstanding examples to the school with their A Level results. Amy received an outstanding set of 3 A* grades in Economics, Geography and English Literature, and will now progress to study Anthropology at Durham University. Georgina has achieved an excellent set of 3 A grades in Biology, Physical Education and English Literature, and will go on to study Physiotherapy at the University of Cardiff.

Not only did both girls contribute greatly to Queen Anne’s School as Head Girls, they also played important roles in sports at the school: Amy as Captain of Netball, and Georgina as Captain of Tennis and Lacrosse. Being able to balance this variety of responsibilities, whilst achieving outstanding A Level results, is certainly an accomplishment worth celebrating!

Service Prefect Heather A, from Camberly, has been awarded excellent grades of A* in Psychology and 2 As in Biology and Classical Civilisation. After being awarded the U6 Subject Prize for Psychology at Speech Day this year, Heather will advance her interest of the subject further at the University of Bath.

Niamh E achieved her goal today of being accepted into the Royal Veterinary College to study Veterinary Medicine. Niamh, from Pangbourne, was awarded 2 A*s in Biology and English Literature, and an A in Chemistry.

Queen Anne’s Sport Prefect, Katie G, will fly out to America shortly to start her studies and rowing training at Yale University, Connecticut. Katie achieved 2 Bs in Economics and History, and a C in Biology, alongside a Rowing Scholarship, which secured her unconditional offer at the Ivy League University. Katie’s is a superb example of the ‘no limits’ approach that Queen Anne’s School advocates, and we cannot wait to hear of her future achievements across-the-pond!

Another Queen Anne’s girl who is going on to accomplish great things in the US is Deputy Head Girl Ella H. The Rowing Captain and Netball Vice-Captain was awarded an A in Psychology, B in French and C in Latin. Ella was also awarded an Athletics Scholarship for Rowing, and we are certain she will continue her sporting triumphs while studying at Duke University, North Carolina.

Yasmin Hatton achieved outstanding A Level results this year, with 2 A*s in Art and History, and an A in English Literature. Yasmin, who was also awarded the History Subject Prize and the Sykes Prize for Arts at Speech Day this year, will now continue her studies of History at Durham University in September.

Emma H from Caversham should be extremely proud of her outstanding A Level results of 3 A*s in Classical Civilisation, French and English Literature. Emma has been an exemplary student throughout her time at Queen Anne’s School, and this set of perfect grades was more than enough for Emma to gain her place at Oxford University, to study Classics.

Cole Contribution Prize and U6 Subject Prize for Biology winner Nia H has been awarded an A* grade in Biology, and 2 A grades in Chemistry, Mathematics, and also in her Extended Project Qualification. After being inspired by different cultures experienced on a school trip, Nia was applied for her Biomedical Studies degree at Radbound University in The Netherlands, and with the brilliant results achieved today, she was of course accepted!

Chloe N secured her place at the University of Southampton to study Medicine with 2 As in Biology and Chemistry, and a B in Mathematics. Chloe also achieved outstanding marks with an A* in her Extended Project Qualification, titled “Can we harness the power of the placebo effect and put it into practice?”

Alice O from Reading achieved an impressive set of A Level results, with an A* in Chemistry, and 2 As in Mathematics and Physics. Alice was awarded the U6 Prize for Achievement and the U6 Subject Prize for Chemistry at Speech Day this year, and will now progress to study Chemistry with Industrial Experience at the University of Birmingham.

Another set of outstanding A Level results was achieved by Daphne P. Daphne’s results of 2 A*s in Chemistry and Mathematics, and 2 As in Further Mathematics and Physics secured her a place at the University of Bath to study Mechanical Engineering. Another fantastic STEM achievement for Queen Anne’s girls!

Sophie W from Reading will take up the study of Sport Science & Physiology at the University of Leeds after achieving excellent A Level Results. Sophie was awarded A* in Physical Education, A in Biology, and B in Chemistry. Sophie has been an inspirational ambassador for sport throughout her time at Queen Anne’s, and we are particularly proud of her volunteering as a Synchronised Swimming Coach with the charity Electric Eels.

Congratulations to all our Queen Anne’s Sixth Form leavers who took their A levels this summer; we are extremely proud of every one of you, and we are confident that you will achieve many more amazing things in the future.