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Mathematics is one of the most versatile subjects and is highly regarded by universities and higher education establishments. Most important of all, if you are prepared to put in the effort it is exciting, rewarding and fun!

The main aim of the department is that all girls will achieve success in their course and at the same time enjoy their Mathematics.  We try to generate a feeling of enthusiasm for the subject which leads many girls wishing to study mathematics at A Level and beyond. In February, we took part in the NSPCC Number Day, where the girls were set maths-based challenges with clues and puzzles throughout the school, while raising money for charity. On pi day in March, we were extremely impressed by our girls’ display of house spirit as over 250 of them lined up holding as many digits as they could in order to win the house competition. We also held a memory challenge, which was won by a L6 student who managed to memorise pi to an impressive 51 decimal places!

Outside of lesson time, we have had an unprecedented number of bronze, silver and gold certificates in the annual UKMT mathematical challenges, this year with eight girls qualifying for further, invite only, rounds. This has put them in the top few thousand qualifiers in the country.

Through their study of mathematics, we hope to develop the students’ understanding of mathematics and mathematical processes in a way that promotes confidence and enjoyment.  We aim to develop the ability to reason logically; to extend the student’s range of mathematical skills and techniques and use them to solve a wide variety of problems.  To recognise how a situation may be represented mathematically and how a mathematical model can be refined and improved.


Based in the main school building, girls are taught in purpose-built classrooms.  When required for research purposes some lessons may be taught in one of the state-of-the-art ICT suites.



Head of Mathematics: Mr Derek Bottomley
Second in Department: Mrs Laura Balderson
Mathematics: Miss Samantha Barlow
Mathematics: Mrs Susan Foot
Mathematics: Mrs Kate Nightingale
Mathematics: Mrs Rorie Tomlinson
Mathematics: Mrs Daniela Vought (Assistant Head)
Mathematics: Mr Phil Walden