Anyone who needs to write, anyone who reads for enjoyment or business, anyone who needs to understand people or different cultures, needs to study English. We aim to inspire all our students with the skills, enthusiasm and understanding needed to love and value great literature. Our lessons draw upon links to so many subjects, from drama to psychology to history to religious studies. As part of our programme we have regular visits from prize-winning novelists and poets, as well as competitions for short stories, handwriting, even fancy dress. We try to visit the theatre as much as possible and recent trips for fifth and sixth form students have been to Dublin and France.

English Language and Literature are taught throughout the school with excellent results at GCSE and A Level. Broadly we aim to develop skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking, and to increase pupils’ enjoyment in achieving well in these areas. We aim to develop sound technical skills, stimulate the imagination, and increase vocabulary and powers of expression both in writing and speech. Our teaching is designed to enable pupils to be familiar with different types of writing, both by composing examples themselves and by appreciating texts and other source materials.

The overall aims are principally to engender in pupils a love for the subject as a whole but specifically:

  • To instill and develop an awareness of, and a pleasure in, a wide range of appropriate literature across different genres.
  • To enable pupils to produce an increasing range of different kinds of writing, beginning with sound narrative and descriptive writing, in a variety of forms and with increasing competency, in neat, legible handwriting.
  • To ensure that the technical skills of paragraphing, punctuation and spelling are developed.
  • To encourage pupils to develop confidence, not only in writing but also in their speech.
  • To encourage the development of their own choice of reading.


Head of English: Mrs Anna Spellman
Second in Department: Dr Eileen Green
English: Dr Dawn Bellamy (Director of Sixth Form)
 Dr John Brooke
English: Mr Steven Jackson
English: Mrs Kimberly Tuckwell


Based in the main school building, girls are taught in purpose-built classrooms.  When required for research purposes some lessons may be taught in one of the state-of-the-art ICT suites.