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With the depreciation of the pound sterling since Brexit, the ongoing Housing Crisis, austerity measures and changes to banking regulation since the Financial Crisis of 2007-2009; Economics is never far from news headlines.

Studying Economics at A Level gives our students the opportunity to apply economic analysis to problems that the current government faces. The subject equips them with the skills needed to make reasoned judgements regarding government policies that could be used to correct market failures.  Economics is a diverse and dynamic subject as we study both Microeconomics and Macroeconomics in both years. Students also sit a paper which requires synoptic analysis, where elements from both sides of the course are used. We illustrate economic theory by relating each topic studied to current examples in the BBC News headlines.

At Queen Anne’s School, we challenge students to develop deeper commercial, political and economic awareness of the wider world, asking, for example, whether the building of HS2 is justified and what the true economic effects of the diamond industry in Sierra Leone are. Looking at issues closer to home, U6 economists have debated why Kristoff’s Café is so afraid of the introduction of a second Sixth Form Café.

The students subscribe to ‘Economics Today’ magazine and they also have free access to the ‘Financial Times’ online to encourage wider reading.



The return of business A Level, in conjunction with the Peter Jones Enterprise Academies (PJEA), has proved a popular choice. Business plays a crucial role in our economy and society, providing us with wealth and affecting our quality of life. Innovation and the efficient management of resources, such as people and finance, are crucial for business success.

Students study leadership and management and in particular, how businesses develop strategies in relation to functional areas such as finance, operations, human resources and marketing.

Alongside their studies, all students are set the challenge of setting up and running a business enterprise. The girls have been producing and marketing a wide range of goods and services, including environmentally-friendly gifts such as seed bombs, and reusable lunch bags made from recycled material, for which they won the Tycoons Enterprise 4K Award and secured an order for from Prince Andrew!


Based in the sixth form building, The Space, girls are taught in state-of-the-art classrooms, with access to break out spaces for group work.


Head of Business, Economics and Enterprise: Mrs Anne Tynan 
Business, Economics and Enterprise: Mrs Andrea Robinson