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Biology is a rapidly developing science and very much at the heart of the problems and triumphs of modern life. At Queen Anne’s we aim to stimulate curiosity, interest and enjoyment in biology and promote an awareness of its significance in personal, social and environmental contexts. We strive to provide in-depth knowledge and understanding to enable our students to take an informed interest and formulate informed opinions in matters of scientific importance.

Throughout the school, practical work is an integral part of learning biology and girls experience both guided and open-ended practical investigations. During these the girls are encouraged to make accurate observations and measurements; record systematically and use experiments to answer questions or investigate hypotheses.

Students participate in key events run by the Royal Society of Biology, with the L5 completing the Biology Challenge and the U6 taking part in the Biology Olympiad – last year several students gained commended and highly commended levels. We are also involved in the Big Ideas Genetic Engineering Challenge for schools, creating inspirational presentations about genetic engineering and how it can tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges today.

Our efforts to foster independent thinking and thirst for knowledge extend to our student-led clubs. Students have set up an Eco Committee and Climate Change Awareness Group, and the Sixth Form biologists are charged with planning and running stimulating activities for students lower down the school, to fuel their interests within and beyond the curriculum.


Our Science Centre is a state-of-the art building with seven laboratories; all are fully networked with computer points at each work space. A class set of laptops is available for accessing the internet and the VLE (virtual learning environment), for modelling, simulations and data-logging. Every lab has a data projector, with most also having Smart Boards. The building has a dedicated Sixth Form computer suite, a dark room and an integral greenhouse on the top floor.



Head of Science: Mrs Sarah Eagle
Head of Biology: Mrs Wright
Biology: Mrs Lindsey Bryant
Biology: Mrs Rachel Lee
Biology: Mrs Rebecca Croll
Biology: Mrs Andrea Watson
Laboratory Technician: Mrs Ubaldina Szulc