At Queen Anne’s our girls explore a wide general range of areas of art and design including drawing, textiles, ceramics, photography and history of art. Art and design at Queen Anne’s aims to give students a broader understanding and experience of art and design techniques and issues; raise awareness of the art historical context in which they are working; develop more advanced recording and painting techniques, as well as to design and work in three dimensions.


Biology is a rapidly developing science and very much related to the problems of modern life and the teaching of biology at Queen Anne’s reflects this. We aim to provide through the exploration and study of biology, sufficient knowledge and understanding to allow pupils to recognise that its study is relevant to everyday life and to be able to take an informed interest in matters of scientific importance.


Our aim is to encourage girls to become independent learners through consideration of the results they obtain from practical activities and to ensure they have all the skills, both practical and theoretical, to ensure a smooth progression from L4 to A Level. Experiments are enjoyable and spark the students’ interest in this subject.


Classics is a broad and stimulating subject area, bringing together the languages, literature, drama, art, architecture, history, politics, and people of the ancient world under one umbrella. It is unique in its sheer variety of potential content and the vibrant interdisciplinary culture it encourages, and has something to offer every girl at Queen Anne’s.


Drama and Theatre Studies is a very rewarding subject which gives students a great sense of satisfaction and achievement after long hours have been spent rehearsing, discussing, writing, preparing and performing. Drama is a subject which appeals to the student who wants to be active, imaginative and practical, as well as intellectually challenged: the perfect All-rounder!


Studying Economics at A Level gives our students an opportunity to apply economic analysis to problems facing the incumbent government and be equipped to make reasoned judgements regarding fiscal and monetary policies and correcting market failures.  Economics is both a diverse and dynamic subject and for A Level we study both microeconomics and macroeconomics. We analyse economic theory and support this with topical events in the media.


Anyone who needs to write, anyone who reads for enjoyment or business, anyone who needs to understand people or different cultures, needs to study English. We aim to inspire all our students with the skills, enthusiasm and understanding needed to love and value great literature. Our lessons draw upon links to so many subjects, from drama to psychology to history to religious studies.


Queen Anne’s celebrates cultural diversity and welcomes girls for whom English is an additional language.  All pupils are assured of equal access to the curriculum using English as the means of instruction. We are therefore committed to making appropriate provision of teaching and resources to enhance our international students’ competent and confident use of English in order to achieve their educational goals, both at Queen Anne’s and beyond.


Geography at Queen Anne’s aims to introduce geographical topics and concepts that help girls to understand the world around them locally, nationally and globally.  The girls develop inquisitive minds about the world in which they live.  The course aims to study the inter-relationships between people and their varied environments, and the questions, issues and problems which arise from these relationships.


The main aim of the History department is to make the subject a source of pleasure and enrichment, one to which students will want to return for the rest of their lives. We begin by establishing a chronology, not only of historical time, but beginning with the big bang. History offers a wonderful spectacle of every type of human being trying to cope with being alive in the times into which they were born. Love, hate, greed, generosity, brilliance, stupidity – all human life is there.


ICT allows students to explore the latest technologies and develop a broad range of skills essential to the modern world. Practical elements inspire and challenge, providing a sound base for further study and life in general. ICT allows the students to develop an understanding of how ICT can be used in society and organisations and the implications of its use, knowledge and understanding.


Mathematics is one of the most versatile subjects and is highly regarded by universities and higher education establishments. Most important of all, if you are prepared to put in the effort it is exciting, rewarding and fun!  The main aim of the department is that all girls will achieve success in their course and at the same time enjoy their Mathematics.


Modern Languages at Queen Anne’s aims to build upon the great breadth of language learning experiences which girls bring with them, as well as to support all the girls in the exploration of new language opportunities.  We want to stretch and challenge girls in the modern languages department through the learning of French, German, Mandarin and Spanish, which form the core of the languages on offer.


Music at Queen Anne’s School is very much alive and kicking!  We have a thriving and busy Music programme which has plenty to offer aspiring musicians.  Music is a compulsory curricular subject until Year 10 when it becomes a GCSE option and, in L6, an A Level option.  Approximately two-thirds of the school learn a musical instrument and many take part in choirs and orchestras.


At Queen Anne’s we teach Physical Education (PE) to encourage and consolidate the values of co-operations, leadership, courtesy, and care and respect.  We aim to meet each individual pupil’s needs through a wide range of activities and teaching styles and look to promote an understanding of realistic goal setting within PE and an ability to identify personal strengths and weaknesses.


Physics is a radical, fast moving and innovative subject which covers a HUGE range of topics in science. The girls follow a syllabus that is broadly in line with the physics content of the National Curriculum, but is greater in both breadth and depth. We encourage pupils to link the subject content to their everyday experiences.


This course is an excellent way of learning to understand the modern world. The study of British and global issues offers the students an insight into some of the most important forces that shape all our lives.


Psychology is the study of the human brain and behaviour.  It is one of the most popular A Level subjects and a very popular degree course. It is a fascinating yet challenging academic subject that requires you to compose a logically developed discussion, using scientific evidence to support your arguments.   Through the study of Psychology you will develop critical analysis, independent thinking and research skills that are valued in Higher Education (HE) and in the workplace.


Nurturing and supporting thought is at the heart of what the Religion and Philosophy department of Queen Anne’s School seeks to do. The emphasis from the very first lesson is on enabling students to think carefully, logically and analytically. The starting point for this is the identification and posing of questions: the art of asking.