Queen Anne’s learning



At Queen Anne’s, we have girls that excel with ambitions as varied as their talents. Both in and out of the classroom, we encourage the aspirations of each girl through an innovative and rigorous curriculum that meets the needs of the individual learner. We encourage the girls to explore values and reward intellectual risk taking in order to gain an excellent, all-round education.



We teach in small classes where each individuals can explore the learning culture in a supportive environment while being challenged and stimulated by group discussion and debate. Prep (homework) is designed to consolidate and revisit work outside the classroom, driving independent study and thinking skills.



In these important initial years of life at Queen Anne’s, we aim to provide a supportive, friendly and well-disciplined environment in which girls can flourish socially and achieve their academic potential. To enable this, we aim to provide an education of the highest quality, and to encourage application and excellence in all areas.


As our Queen Anne’s girls’ academic career progresses towards GCSE years, the quality of education continues in the same happy, supportive, stimulating and well-disciplined environment to enable the girls to achieve their full potential.


Our Sixth Form at Queen Anne’s is one that is full of community and a place where we have an excellent record of A Level successes, with many going on to some of the top universities in the country including Oxford and Cambridge.

Life in the Sixth Form is busy and action packed, however the team fully understand the distinctive needs of students at this stage of learning and the importance of preparations for examinations, university entrance and employment.


We know that success means different things to each of us.  At Queen Anne’s, having the courage to get up and have a go is one of the ways we define success and is the first vital step to achievement. The intricate web of support from friends, teachers and House staff means Queen Anne’s is an environment where the girls have high aspirations to achieve success and happiness as they strive towards their goals.



We aim to stretch all our pupils to the best of their ability.  The Queen Anne’s curriculum, in spirit, follows but will not be limited by, the National Curriculum.  To supplement learning in the classroom, many students are involved in accelerated learning schemes which include a wide range of stimulating activities to enrich their academic study.  These include CREST Awards (Creativity in Science and Technology), LAMDA Awards (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art), Mathematical Challenges, Salter’s Institute of Chemistry Camps and the Engineering Education Scheme.

Throughout their life here at school, the girls have many opportunities to travel and gain first-hand knowledge and experience to enhance the academic study programmes.


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Each lower school (L4-U5) pupil belongs to a house which has its own colour:

  • Ffyler Day House: Purple
  • Webbe Day House: Yellow
  • Wisdome Day House: Re
  • Maddock Boarding House: Dark Blue
  • Wilkins Boarding House: Green

In the Sixth Form, there are two houses: Holmes for L6 boarding and day students and Michell for U6 boarding and day students. The Sixth Form houses are not assigned house colours as they are not required to wear a formal school uniform. Please note all Sixth Form students must still purchase a sports uniform.